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7 Pairs Of Shoes For Spring And Summer

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Shoes For Spring? Let us talk about this today. Today I propose an article to make you discover seven pairs of stylish and timeless spring/summer shoes that will give you an elegant and modern look in Spring and summer! To be well paved in Spring and summer, it is useless to complicate your life.

Opt for models whose cut is simple and effective. Shoe models do not follow fashion trends and will still be stylish in 10 years.

The choice of your shoes is critical in all your looks! If your look is top, but your shoes are damaged or not very modern, your entire look will spoil. Your shoes should always be neat if you want to clear the image of an intelligent woman.

Shoes For Spring: Slipper Moccasins

Among the models of shoes that I advise you to head to, you have flat shoes like moccasins and derbies. These are the ideal shoes to wear in Spring to be comfortable and elegant simultaneously. Here is, for example, a model of leopard-printed moccasins that you will also find under the name of slippers.

Slippers mean slippers in English, and we call this type of moccasins because they look slightly like slippers.
I chose a leopard model because this print is lovely and timeless, especially on a pair of shoes. With such shoes on your feet, you can opt for a very sober, elegant look while looking hyper-modern and stylish.

But be careful to always opt for models of shoes made of beautiful materials. Some models of low-quality shoes, for example, in imitation leather or with a cheap leopard, python or Croco print, can be spotted at a glance and ruin your looks. Avoid cheap shoes as much as possible and invest, for example, in 3 or 4 beautiful chic and timeless pairs

If you have a small budget, I advise you to register on a private sale site or wait for sales periods to offer you a beautiful pair of quality shoes.

But a tip: only register on private sales sites when you know the pair you want to buy. And once you’ve bought your dream pair of shoes, unsubscribe from the site or at least from the Newsletters so you won’t be tempted to buy shoes you don’t need regularly.

Classic Moccasins

Let’s go back to the moccasins. Regarding the model, you can also opt for a more classic pair, such as these black varnished moccasins for example:

Shoes For Spring: Derbies

If you like flat shoes, you can also wear derbies. They are also elegant and pleasant shoes to wear in Spring. Here is, for example, a nice look composed of brown leather derbies ideal for Spring.

Flat Sandals

Some models of flat sandals can also allow you to compose very nice looks for sunny days, such as these beautiful red sandals.

The Ballerinas

I know most women hate it, but I assure you that ballerinas associated with casual chic clothing can look very nice, as in this photo, for example.

I find the look cute, fresh, and sparkling for the summer, and the pair of ballerina goes very well with the whole outfit. It is a perfect look for the weekend in summer or to walk on vacation, for example.

Spring and summer are also the ideal seasons to wear canvas or thin white leather sneakers. These are comfortable shoes you can wear on casual weekends or chic outfits for special occasions.

The Thin White Leather Sneakers

Here is an example of a look with thin white leather sneakers.
It is a casual chic look instead weekend where the simple side is brought by the loose sweater, jeans and sneakers and the chic by the coat and sunglasses. It is a look that I invite you to wear, for example, during a Spring day when you plan to walk a lot or go shopping.

Shoes For Spring: Canvas Sneakers

We have a look a little more chic than the previous one, but still in a casual chic spirit where it is more comfortable and privileged.

We have a pair of black canvas sneakers worn with a very nice black leather skirt, an oversized grey turtleneck sweater, a small bag worn on a shoulder strap, a watch and a pair of elegant sunglasses. It’s a perfect look for a Spring day where you’ll crave plenty of comfort and style at the same time.

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