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The body lift is a highly effective cosmetic surgical operation for patients suffering from excess skin, fat and other tissues that appear after severe weight loss.

This operation is personalized, so the patient can choose a type of facelift between several methods, such as the upper, middle or lower body lift, depending on the area that suffers from excess skin.

Patients can also undergo a complete facelift if they have significant excess skin in their body’s upper, middle and lower parts.


Many people who lose weight wish to undergo a body lift operation. However, to have surgery, a patient must meet specific criteria to be eligible. In this case, you can experience a body lift operation if:

  • You have lost 30-50% of your peak weight
  • You suffer from extra layers of skin or drooping tissue around your abdomen.
  • You are in good health because this operation requires general anaesthesia
  • You do not plan to get pregnant after the body lift operation, as this can negatively affect the process results.
  • You commit to following a good diet and exercising regularly so that you can heal properly and enjoy the results of the facelift operation.

Preoperative Instructions For Body Lift

For a certain period before the body lift operation, the patient should follow the doctor’s instructions to decrease the risk of complications during the procedure.

  • Have a healthy diet and exercise regularly
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol, for two weeks or a month, before the operation
  • Avoid taking certain medications, which can cause bleeding during the operation. Therefore, you should tell your doctor about the drugs you are taking.
  • Fasting for 12 hours before the operation
  • Rest well just before the operation. It will help the body to heal better after the intervention

Contact a friend or family member who can bring the patient to the hospital where they will undergo the operation

Postoperative Instructions For Body Lift

The recovery time after a body lift operation is usually between two weeks and two months, so the patient can begin to resume daily activities after this healing period.

It is essential for the patient to strictly follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions so that his skin heals perfectly and the results are healthy and satisfactory. Here are some of these instructions:

A patient should generally stay two to three days in the hospital. On the other hand, they need to rest well even after returning home.

Do not do exercises and do not lift heavy objects for at least a month after the operation so that the skin can heal properly. Be careful when touching your wounds, especially when showering. Strictly follow the doctor’s instructions regarding medications

The Stages it

The body lift operation usually lasts between two and seven hours, depending on the patient’s case, because the body lift operation is a personalized operation, which can vary from one patient to another. The body lift steps are as follows:

After checking your operating plan, your doctor will mark your skin to show you where they will make the incisions.

The nurses will prepare you for the procedure by cleansing your skin. Then you will be under general anesthesia, so you do not feel any pain during the operation.

Your doctor will perform liposuction if necessary. Otherwise, they will make the incisions directly to remove fat, tighten muscles and cut off excess skin before closing the incisions. Thus, the skin will be laid gently.
The doctor then put bandages and compression garments on the incisions, if necessary.

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