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Plastic Free Laundry Detergent

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Detergent in powder or liquids pollutes a little, a lot, to madness. Or not if you choose them well. Fortunately, ecological detergents, still in the minority, are gaining ground. Made from most natural or non-controversial ingredients, they are biodegradable and minimize their impact on the environment while cleaning laundry efficiently and gently.

But that’s not all. It is essential to choose a detergent whose production is also environmentally friendly. We have privileged our selection of French manufacturers and guaranteed it by the Ecocert or Nature label.

Some brands are also trying to reduce their packaging: they opt for sober packaging or concentrate their formulas to reduce the size of the can, reducing the number of trucks on the roads!

Finally, the trend is towards subscriptions that allow small brands to practice direct sales without going through supermarkets and for us, users, to never run out of laundry again!

To go further with your eco-responsible approach, consult our selection of soaps and solid shampoos!
To find out which product to put in your washing machine, discover our selection of ecological detergents for all budgets!

1. Laundry pods, The Brand Less

No more big cans of the hypermarket! This detergent is delivered in pods directly to your mailbox. You can even take out a subscription, flexible and modular, according to your needs. Composed mainly of ingredients of natural origin, this detergent does not contain any controversial elements.

Laundry pods

Two fragrances (floral smell or freshness)

100% recyclable and 100% recycled cardboard packaging

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2. Pimpant Concentrated Laundry Kit

A 100% natural detergent is available on their website. Pimpant offers a highly concentrated laundry kit. The volume of plastic used is thus divided by seven compared to conventional laundry cans. In the end, a delicately scented linen with bamboo flowers!

Liquid wash to be diluted

Effective from 30 °C

100% recyclable pocket

3. Powdered Detergent as Before

Like all Avant brand products, this detergent is biodegradable and extra, based on only four ingredients (baking soda, percarbonate, soda crystals, sodium citrate). It is, therefore, suitable for sensitive skin. Its packaging is recyclable and compostable.

Washing powder

Recyclable and biodegradable packaging

4. Ecover Liquid Detergent

A universal and responsible detergent manufactured in a zero waste factory, formulated with active ingredients of plant origin and biodegradable. Ecover extends the life of clothes, revives colours and fights pills!

Liquid detergent

Effective from 30°C.

5. Safe Liquid Detergent

A 100% vegetable detergent, biodegradable and fragrance-free to better respect linen and sensitive skin. It is particularly suitable for people with allergic terrain or infants.

Liquid Wash

Effective from 30°C

6. Greenweez Hyper Concentrated Powder Detergent

Reduce your ecological footprint, expenses and mental load with this powdered detergent that guarantees you a year of tranquillity! It is composed of organic sunflower oil, soda and bicarbonate.

Washing powder

Recyclable and compostable packaging



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