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Fermented Beauty

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Fermented beauty is characterized by using microorganisms such as bacteria, enzymes and yeasts whose mission is to cause the decomposition of ingredients and multiply their benefits. In short, we are just letting nature do its job.

Physical appearance is significant in Korean society, personally and professionally (factor of social ascent, popularity.)

As a result, the country has the world’s highest consumption of cosmetic products per capita, with an average of more than 20 products used per month!

Sales of cosmetic products have grown steadily at a rate of 5% over the last five years. Although mature, this market offers many opportunities for French brands perceived as qualitative and reliable. In 2018, French cosmetics exports to South Korea reached EUR 389 million, dethroning our American competitors for the first time.

The Korean Market

In resonance with the “well-being” trend that has strongly influenced all consumption patterns, particularly in hygiene and beauty, natural and organic cosmetics now represent nearly 5% of total sales in South Korea.

The latest trend, the demand for high-end products and dermo-cosmetic care, is growing according to the level of the direction of the Korean consumer and their pronounced taste for luxury products.

Finally, the Korean market is not limited to Korea! Riding the Korean cultural wave, or “Hallyu”, products that appeal to Korean consumers can boast a solid competitive advantage in other Asian markets – South Korea is a pioneer of beauty trends and a springboard for development in the rest of the Asian continent!

Fermented Beauty Trends

During the current year, beauty trends advocate the natural rendering and the use of a minimum of cosmetic products. The goal is to take better care of the skin and the environment. Indeed, 2022 is the year of two beauty routines that deserves our special attention.

After the minimalist beauty treatment we recently told you about, it’s the turn of another natural remedy to invade the world of trendy girls. On the program today: fermented cosmetics! What exactly is it, and where does it come from? The answers are in the following paragraphs.

Beauty routines have become more natural and minimalist, thanks to the Korean and Japanese cosmetics craze. This evolution continues to offer us today a new beauty trend whose principle is indeed ancestral.

So, in 2022, we will adopt fermented cosmetics to delight our skin! Beauty trend of the moment 2022 fermented cosmetics take care of your skin naturally.

Fermented Beauty Trend 2022

Fermented beauty is characterized by using microorganisms such as bacteria, enzymes and yeasts whose mission is to cause the decomposition of ingredients and multiply their benefits. In short, we are just letting nature do its job. The living properties of bacteria produce substances with multiple benefits for the skin that are almost impossible to imitate in the laboratory.

After filtration, the fermented active ingredients are incorporated into cosmetic products to obtain a more effective formula. Beauty trend 2022 fermented decorative natural facial review in the gallery. In other words, fermentation boosts the active ingredients to create a greater concentration of nutrients than antioxidants.

In addition to optimizing their penetration into the skin, this process also makes it possible to effectively fight against the appearance of signs of ageing. Another great advantage of this new beauty trend is extending the shelf life of formulas for naturally fermented substances. Beauty trend 2022 fermented cosmetic natural review in gallery

Fermented Beauty Cosmetics

As we mentioned above, fermentation is an all-natural process that has already been invited to our plates and is not new. As for the origin of fermented cosmetics, we can say that it is an ancestral process that has recently found an application in skin care and promises to become THE natural beauty trend for years to come.

The skin benefits of the fermented beauty routinefermented beauty trend of the moment 2022 honest review in gallery good for the skin as it is for the stomach. The fermentation process is known to make the ingredients more effective and to allow them to protect the skin from external aggressions such as pollution, UV rays, stress and so on.

Thus, the skin becomes more substantial and more resistant to these factors. What’s more, fermentation can also generate good acids for the skin, some of which prove beneficial in fighting acne pimples whose acidity the bacteria do not appreciate. At the risk of repeating ourselves. Cosmetic products of this kind benefit from more extended shelf life, mainly thanks to the natural substances that developed during fermentation.

This 2022 beauty trend is great news for the planet! What for? Because fermented cosmetics consume less energy, they are recyclable and renewable since bacteria grow themselves and only generate biodegradable waste. Very pure in terms of microbiology. The latest beauty trend excludes the use of preservatives. Certainly, fermented cosmetics will be talked about for a long time and deserve a primordial place in our skincare routine!

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