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No Makeup, Makeup Look

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We love makeup and its ability to express who we are, but some days we want to let our natural beauty shine through. Even though a dark circle hide has never hurt, there are other tricks to tweak your “makeup-free look”. Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Stimulate Your Skin

We all know that proper exfoliation brings out the best natural radiance in your skin. Use a cleansing sponge with your scrub for an extra effect, and apply rotating movements to your face (don’t forget your neck!) Rinse with cold water and while your skin is still moist, take a few drops of facial oil and quickly pat on your skin until it’s dry.

It will trap moisture and give your skin a good moisture boost. Add a serum stimulating your specific skin type and energizing eye cream.

To triple the effect of your basic look, mix your favourite face cream, primer and a few drops of your foundation into one and mix on your skin for a flawless base. For a little extra shine, add an illuminating cream on top.

2. Reflection And Light to get No Makeup Look

The concern for shiny skin has been around for some time, and it only seems like the worry is settling anytime soon. If you don’t want to end up with a light spot on your face, adding a more golden shadow to unconventional places on your face can come in handy.

After applying your base, touch up with a light-reflecting concealer on the top of your cheekbones and the centre of your forehead. And the tip of your nose. And also the centre of your chin and on the ends of your neck. Finally, cover all potential black circles.

Start by covering the larger area with a thicker concealer, then dab lightly on the least-covered and most exposed areas, and finish with (believe it or not) a subtle touch of lighter glittering eyeshadow. The eyeshadow will reflect the light a little more and hide any potential darkness under the eyes.

3. Create Your Frame to get No Makeup Look

Your eyes are the jewels of your beauty, so why not highlight them and make them the centre of attention? We suggest you opt for a subtle look that will brighten your frame or a darker look to create a pronounced definition.

A straightforward trick is to add a little “icing” – use a product like tender care and apply it to your eyelid for an eye-catching effect or opt for a creamy eyeshadow of very bright colour. If you opt for a more discreet look, add a nude shade of choice all over the lid and focus on highlighting the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeliner and a little sparkling eyeshadow.

Focus on adding a darker shade, like grey, to your lid for more intensity. If you need a little extra definition but still want a naked look, slightly dot a soft grey or brown pencil between the upper eyelashes and the lower line of the eyelashes. Whatever your look, style your eyebrows accordingly; it can give your face a whole new dimension; try. You’d be surprised at the result.

4. A Little Color

You know when your lipstick is about to fade, and there’s a little hint of shadow on your lips? Keep this in mind – this is the look we are looking for. To do this, choose a lip colour that goes well with your complexion – If you have fair skin, opt for orange or peach tones.

For medium skin, try cranberry or mauve shades. For deep skin, try cooler tones like brown or taupe. Start by sprinkling small amounts on the middle of the lower lip. Pass your colour over the lip and use your finger or a cotton swab to spread and mix the colour outward. Finish with a clear gloss to perfect the application.

5. Blush

Sign of good health or makeup? The cheeks are very pink. It brings your skin alive and adds more radiance to your natural beauty. Whether you’re more of a cream or only swearing by powders, choose a blush that matches the natural colour of your skin and improves your complexion.

If you’re struggling to find shade, use your natural lip tone as a guide. In general, pink works on all lighter skin tones, skin for medium skin and brownish pink for darker skin. Mix your redness in areas where the sun would fall on your face; apples from the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.

Want a more subtle colour? Avoid sparkling redness. Do you want to be extra? Choose a stronger blush colour like orange, and add a highlighter on the apples on your cheek. You would be surprised at the result.

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