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Tips for Skincare in Winter

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Winter is just around, And taking care of your skin is as important as your haircare. And when it comes to skincare in winter, it’s important not to compromise on anything. Here are some weird but helpful tips you can follow that came from famous makeup artists around the world. Read on

Don’t Forget the Hydration Box for Skincare in Winter

Typically, makeup artists collaborate with big names in beauty who also have a line of skincare in their fold – the famous Linda Cantello. Artistic director of Giorgio Armani Beauty, for example – and therefore transfer their daily expertise of studio work to the “home” labs.

A new source of inspiration has given birth to hybrid, versatile, hyper-intuitive care. Half-moisturizers, and half-primers, avoid dehydration, limit excess sebum and mask imperfections, all obstacles to the foundation’s holding and the shadows’ radiance.

He advises those who like to wear makeup to moisturize their skin with formulas full of hyaluronic acid or active ingredients capable of generating a long-lasting water intake. Apply in circular massages with your fingertips, from the centre of the face to the outside.

“Finish with a few pinches between the thumb and index finger to make the skin live,” says Gregoris, who spends more time moisturizing the epidermis of the tops before a shoot or a show making it up.

Make War On Acne for Better Skincare in Winter

Even when you have left adolescence, it happens that small pimples (re)become a topic of news: “More than 40% of women between 25 and 40 years old are prone to adult acne. The problem with this skin disorder is its “displaying” character, says Antoine Duhamel, director of Ducray.

No question of waiting for it to pass by itself and risk pigment marks or scars. We bet without delay on an anti-imperfection formula (vitamin PP, azelaic acid, salicylic acid) in daily global care, associated with active ingredients against the first wrinkles or tinted to unify the youngest skin.

We also use, locally and punctually, mainly for pimples located at the jaw, a sulfur formula even more effective than salicylic acid. Case settled in forty-eight hours.

Let Yourself Be Tempted By Algae for Better Skincare in Winter

The marine world is far from having revealed all its riches. The treasure hunt has only just begun; with it, multiple perspectives open up for cosmetics.

We must say that the life of algae is not easy: “They evolve in the most oxidative environment in the world. It’s a real feat to resist it and a model for the skin, which also suffers a lot of stress.

Its Common Thread

Macroalgae never before used, Undaria pinnatifida, rich in fucoxanthin (a kind of marine pro-vitamin A) and capable of activating sirtuins, a class of enzymes that would slow down the ageing of skin cells. But patience. And also, the work is long to exploit all the subtleties of the algal world.

Eight years of research at Biotherm. It was worth it: for one, the discovery of sulphated marine sugars restructuring skin tissues. For the other, Jania Rubens, red macroalgae from the Gulf of Revelatta in Corsica, which, by reactivating collagen and lipolysis, promises denser skin and better-defined contours (anti-double chin effect). Let’s dive!
Choose Masks

The mask has become an essential reflex. Hydration, radiance, nutrition, regeneration. It is impossible today not to give in to the ritual, which, under playful exteriors, aims to become professional. Because the masks in prepreg fabric, ultra trendy, are declined in a thousand regressive forms, they are inspired by the technique always prized in the most popular institutes.

As full of active ingredients as the most potent serums, they transform our skin in fifteen minutes in a bluffing way. Same “expert” inspiration with the more classic cream versions, whose effectiveness will be optimized by taming brushes (for a much more homogeneous application) or by massaging the texture according to the precise techniques of digit pressure… Like at the spa!

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