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Best Sulphate-Free Shampoos in India

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More and more brands now offer shampoos stamped “sulphate-free shampoos”. The promise? A shiny, silky and healthy mane. But why are sulfates harmful? How do they damage the hair fibre? Who are these shampoos for, and how to choose your own? Let’s take stock!

Why Choose Sulphate-Free Shampoos?

Fashion effect or genuine interest, sulfate-free shampoos are essential! The properties of this ingredient? Thanks to decisive chemical action, sulfates lather and remove grime to clean our hair but not only. Indeed, sulfates are also present in most cleaning products and detergents.

Enough to raise some questions! And on closer inspection, many sulfates turn out to be irritating, drying and allergenic. And also, this is why more and more brands want to do without this controversial ingredient.

The advantages of sulfate-free shampoos? They are softer because they are less rich in chemical surfactants and, therefore, less irritating to the scalp. Another advantage?

They also prevent dandruff’s appearance and the hair roots from regressing after two days! As for color and wicked hair, hairdressers are unanimous: washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoos is strongly recommend to sublimate its coloring!

How Do I Know If There Is Sulphate In A Shampoo?

Today, the trend is strong, and spotting sulfate-free shampoos are usually done at a glance, as this particularity has become a fundamental marketing argument! Nevertheless, to be sure of his choice, we check the composition by also looking at the formulation – the one written in very small – usually on the back of cosmetics.

The INCI shampoo list must not contain the following three ingredients: sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Is one or the other present?

We put the shampoo down, and we go our way! In a sulfate-free shampoo, chemical surfactants are usually replaced by more natural and less irritating alternatives like sucrose, a sugar derivative.

Sulphate-Free Shampoos, For Whom And For What Type Of Hair?

As the sulfate-free shampoo is softer, it is especially recommend for people with sensitive scalp and weaken hair … whatever the origin. Thus, it will be in our interest to favor this type of shampoo after having Carrie out intensive styling that damages the fiber in depth.

But also repeat hair coloring, sulfate-free shampoos being particularly recommend for color hair. The interest? They help to preserve the intensity of the pigments of the color (whether the paint is made with or without ammonia) but also contribute to prolonging, over time, the brilliance of the coloring. And this, regardless of the type of hair.

In another register, we also recommend this type of shampoo after hair care: while treatment is support to nourish the hair fibre in depth. Shampoos that are too aggressive will tend to eliminate the protective layer and reduce the effectiveness of therapy by eliminating it too quickly. It is the reason why this type of shampoo is also recommend after Brazilian smoothing.

Which Sulphate-Free Shampoos In A Large Area?

No need to spend a fortune to afford a sulfate-free shampoo! Today, the trend is such that this type of shampoo is easily found, even in supermarkets! The solution to ensure your choice? Spot the marketing argument on the packaging. And also, rely on the list of components!

As for the nature of the hair, be aware that sulfate-free shampoos are not contraindicate for anyone and are suitable for all hair types. More respectful of our beauty and less chemical, they have many assets to highlight! Tempt?

Some Of The Examples Of Sulphate Free Shampoos In India Are

Mama Earth Shampoo
M Caffeine
Wow skin science apple cider vinegar
St Botanica

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