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High End Vs Drugstore Skincare

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When it comes to skincare and skincare products, the price of a High End Vs Drugstore Skincare can be multiplied by ten when you move from the pharmacy to luxury brands.

Are our high-end products better, or do you pay for the fancy label? For affordable or high-end beauty, you need to know the best investment for your skin, so we are here today to break it down for you. Here are some tips you should keep in mind before adding a product to your cart.

Ingredients Are King in Skincare

The first thing you should look at when buying collagen skincare or bath products is the list of ingredients on the label. Some “affordable” products contain a tiny percentage of skin-loving ingredients composed mainly of filler ingredients such as silicones and siccative alcohol.

Ingredients that appear first on the list make up a higher percentage of the product than ingredients that appear last. A good quality product will contain a lower rate of filler ingredients and a significant portion of hero ingredients that could be nourishing oils, plant extracts, etc.

Product vs Packaging of High End Vs Drugstore Skincare

Some luxury goods may have a similar formulation to an affordable product but much more sophisticated packaging to attract consumers. While the luxurious packaging is beautiful to look at, in the end, it’s the product formula that matters most. You can save a lot of money by choosing sturdy and functional packaging instead of extravagant packaging that is bulky and heavy.

Therefore, if you can read labels wisely, you may be able to spot an affordable product that will give you the same results as an expensive product in a fancy bottle.

Quality Rather Than Quantity of High End Vs Drugstore Skincare

A bit does a lot with well-formulated high-end products, and it takes much longer to finish the jar than with an affordable, poorly formulated product. If you choose the high-end products that use ingredients in their purest form, every drop of the product will get the punch, and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Therefore, when comparing affordable and high-end products, you should compare the price of similar volumes of the two products and the amount of product you will need to peruse. The high-end product may prove to be more affordable in the long term for you for much longer.

To conclude, it is unfair to classify products into affordable and high-end categories solely based on price tags. Instead, they should be compared based on their ingredients, efficacy, quality, and packaging.

As savvy consumers, we must focus on understanding the benefits we receive from a product in exchange for every rupee we spend. This will allow us to choose the best products for our skin according to our budget and needs.

A Unique Formulation

According to cosmetics chemist Joyce de Lemos, one of the most important differences between “mass” and more expensive brands is that high-end companies often develop blends of ingredients, formulations and fragrances.

These formulations are usually assembled in labs that work exclusively for these brands, so “you won’t be able to find them on your pharmacy shelves,” she explains. “It’s these ingredients that can have remarkable effects on your skin.

Transparency in High End Vs Drugstore Skincare

The same goes for the recent launch of its Glycolic Acid Exfoliating¬† Skincare, designed to revive the skin’s radiance. The product offers 4% free glycolic acid, clinically proven to be the ideal concentration for efficacy and safety.

It was the brand itself that put forward the concept of “free” glycolic acid because “unfortunately, there are misconceptions in the industry that the percentage of glycolic acid listed on the product label is the exact amount that reaches the skin. In contrast, the product’s acidity affects the amount of this percentage that is effective”, notes Chloe Smith, Head of Science Communications at SkinCeuticals.

While educating consumers that in the case of this ingredient that accelerates cell regeneration, a high concentration is not a good thing since it can irritate, the brand has therefore developed a stable formulation that delivers 4% glycolic acid to the skin.

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