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We all like to look good. A little glitter and a little more eyeliner make us feel glamorous. Sometimes our commitment to beauty can start to add up. Whether it’s extra makeup, skin products, or nail polish, it’s easy to spend a large portion of your December salary to look great.

So, to start the year, it’s worth looking at how to reduce your beauty spending. Here are our top tips for looking great on a budget, from styling like 4a hair at home to get new products from your friends.

Carry Out Your Beauty Treatments

The best way to say some money when it comes to beauty diets is to find ways to do the things you’d pay for in a living room at home.

For example, if you have gorgeous curly hair and are used to steaming it for more moisture, try a little DIY—hairstyle 4a by spraying it in the shower rather than in the salon.

Beauty Products that do a Lot of Things

Another essential principle when saving money on your beauty budget is investing in products that do more than one thing. For example, Vaseline is a bit versatile in your makeup bag. A jar can serve as a moisturizer, lip gloss and eyebrow tamer.

Similarly, try using black or brown eyeliner as an eye shadow by simply applying it to your eyelids and gently fading it for a smoky look.

Trade Items with Friends

Our third tip for the beauty economy is to have an exchange party with friends. Not only could it save you hard-earned money, but it’s also a fun evening with the girls. Set a date and invite people to bring products they no longer want but are still usable.

It takes a little careful because you don’t like to share things like eye makeup (due to its potential to spread infection), but most of us have moisturizers, fragrances, and bottles of nail polish at the bottom of our closets that we no longer use.

By exchanging items with friends, you will not only eliminate your unwanted belongings, but you will acquire fun new beauty products without spending a dime.

Being fond of cosmetics can push you to make significant expenses daily, most of which would even be useless. Beauty products, makeup, skin or hair care… all represent a substantial financial abyss. Fortunately, there are tips to reduce expenses on cosmetics. Here are some of them.

Investing In Solid Cosmetics

There are many tricks to spending less money on cosmetics. One of the most effective solutions is to opt for the purchase of solid cosmetics.

These products are also eco-responsible. Having them at home is, first and foremost, a gesture favouring the environment. They are also cheaper on the market, and the icing on the cake promotes optimal use by limiting waste.

Buy the Beauty Products in Packs

It might surprise you, but a perfect trick to save money on cosmetics is to buy them in large numbers. You should always maintain yourself, so there are not too many solutions to avoid using these products.

However, the best way to save money is to take stock of what you need and buy them in packs. Beauty stores are packs that they sell to consumers at discounted prices. However, when you buy in bags, check the product’s unit price and compare it to the price per kilo or litre.

Wait For Sales To Buy

Another tip to save on cosmetics is waiting for the sales to buy them. Sales are periods when promotional offers are offered within stores.

They are open twice a year, once in summer and the other in winter. During these periods, retailers give the most significant discount on their products. You will be able to get beauty products at attractive prices. Note, however, that sales are made in limited quantities. So don’t wait until the last day to want to do your shopping.

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