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Best Hair Growth Serums for African American Women

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Scalp serums, like face serums, are designed to improve the overall health of your hair, especially for people who have curly hair. Curly African American hair is what you should always take extra care of, but it is directly related to the overall maintenance of your hair.

Serums can be an excellent method to increase scalp hydration without greasing your hair. Brands such as Briogeo, Dr Barbara Sturm, Kérastase, and Augustinus Bader have all created ideal frizzy hair serums that can help you target specific scalp problems and improve the overall health of your scalp.

Some people are more prone to hair problems, but anyone can neglect the condition of their hair. Such neglect can, and often leads, to issues ranging from flaking of the hair, dry hair or sun damage. As winter approaches, the importance of proper scalp hydration and protection from freezing and windy weather increases.

Whatever your hair’s concern, here’s a guide to the seven best scalp serums to add to your winter hair care routine.


Protect your hair from the harshness of winter with this cult product from BioSilk. Ideal for all hair types, this product repairs, smoothes and protects your hair by sealing the hair cuticle to prevent split ends and moisture loss.

Kerastase Serums

Make sure your hair fibres stay strong all winter long with this Kérastase scalp and hair serum. This product includes plant-based biotechnology that strengthens and thickens hair strands, perfect for all hair types. Especially for curly hair that is hard to manage, this product smoothens out the hair that helps you to manage your hair quickly.

Augustinus Bader Serums

If your hair needs to be repaired, Augustinus Bader’s new hair care collection includes this scalp treatment specially formulated for fragile, damaged and thinning strands. Balancing your scalp’s skin promotes the growth of more robust, plumper hair and fibre.

It also gives shine to dry hair, making them soft and silky. Make sure you use it after every shower.

Paul Mitchell

Easily fight frizz and dehydration by adding this Paul Mitchell hair serum to your routine. This vegan and gluten-free formula tames frizz and smoothest your hair so you can effortlessly get a perfect blow dry.

Briogeo Serums

Perfect for all hair types, add this Briogeo hair serum to your winter routine to improve flaky, itchy or irritated scalps. This product contains charcoal and tea tree oil to cleanse, purify and control sebum production.


Keep your scalp itchy while moisturizing your curly and textured locks with this hair serum that includes a blend of jojoba oil. In addition. safflower oil and other oils that keep your hair hydrated without leaving any greasy residue.


Just like your skin, the health of your scalp and hair can decline with age, but it doesn’t have to. This light caviar scalp treatment, which includes natural ingredients like red clover and caviar extract, prevents hair loss and softness.

Dr Barbara Sturm Serums

One of Hollywood’s most popular skin gurus, Dr Barbara Sturm. Has created results-oriented, science-based skincare to ensure you have healthy, beautiful skin.

In addition. Sturm’s scalp serum addresses common problems — from dryness to irritation — with a proprietary blend of ingredients ranging from the popular hyaluronic acid to lesser-known potent ingredients. Such as align and papaya extract.

When we talk about hyaluronic acid, It is not only good for your skin but also excellent for your hair. That’s why there is no doubt it has recently gained popularity. It is something worth investing your money in.

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