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Blackheads: How to Get Rid of Them?

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Blackheads, also called comedowns, can be just an aesthetic inconvenience. But if we do not act, they can quickly degenerate into more visible manifestations of acne: pimples and cysts. So, should we remove the blackheads and if so, how?

Where Do Blackheads Come From?

To understand the appearance of these small dark masses that fill the pores of the skin and seem to make them double in volume, it is necessary to understand acne, which they are one of the first symptoms.

Acne is a skin disease, most often benign, that begins with an overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. These remain located around the base of the hair follicle (a small sac from which the hair grows). They pour sebum into it, which is not harmful in itself: it has a protective role for the skin and is part of the composition of the hydrolipidic film, this barrier that preserves it from dryness and microbes.

However, in some cases, sebum thickens and increases in quantity and tends to clog the skin’s pores. We then see the famous blackheads or comedones appear. Blackheads are not severe in themselves, but they can be unsightly and the first step towards infections and inflammations of the skin. If they are highly developed, trying to remove or prevent their formation may be advisable while respecting essential hygiene rules.

What Are The Factors Favouring The Appearance Of Blackheads?

Hormonal factors: At puberty, increased hormone levels, especially male hormones (androgens), stimulate sebum production. Hence the almost systematic appearance of blackheads and acne in adolescents (at least 80% of them are affected). In adults, the causes can also remain related to hormonal disturbances (pregnancy, menopause, and taking or stopping certain pills ).

Hereditary factors: Not everyone is in the same boat since some families seem more prone to blackheads and acne than others.

Mechanical and chemical factors: Exposure to air pollution or certain substances creates favourable conditions for the formation of blackheads. For example, people working near petroleum derivatives, cooking oil or certain chemicals may have skin attacked and pores clogged with these substances.

Choice of inappropriate cosmetic products: excess fatty or powdery makeup products tends to clog pores and promote the appearance of blackheads.

Dietary factors: Sugars and foods with a high glycemic index promote the availability of androgenic hormones, stimulating sebum production.

What Is The Right Way To Remove Blackheads?

Blackheads can evolve into pimples or blemishes. It is better to take care of your skin and unclog the pores as much as possible. But not just anyway.

What is certain is that trying to eradicate comedones by pressing the skin between the nails at the slightest opportunity is the last thing to do.

The bacteria present under the nails and those found in the infected pores will be happy to spread everywhere on the skin, especially in micro-injuries resulting from scratching and pinching the skin, hence the amplification of the problem.

The comedian puller can help you extract blackheads without crushing the skin between the fingers. The process will remain facilitated if you practice just before a facial sauna (exposure of the face above a bowl of steam). Then, do a good cleansing of the skin to avoid bacterial overgrowth.

Clay or activated carbon masks are very effective. As they dry, these materials retract and attract part of the comedones, enhanced by their adsorption properties.

The anti-blackhead patch has the same effect: often intended to be applied to the nose, it adheres to the blackheads and drags them with it when it remains torn off. However, it should remain avoided for somewhat fragile, sensitive or peeling skin.

A small device called a blackhead extractor or blackhead vacuum cleaner can remain used, but sparingly because pulling on the pores tends to enlarge them.

Dermatologists offer skin purification sessions by first cleansing with an acid and then removing blackheads with a mini-scalpel. These specialists can also alleviate acne scars with a laser.

Good Habits And Natural Treatments To Overcome Blackheads

How to eliminate blackheads? Starting by choosing cosmetic products that are gentle and not too aggressive, such as our selection of scrubs and exfoliants. There is no point in wanting to strip the skin, even if it is oily because this would stimulate the production of sebum.

Take care of your diet: reduce sugars and fats, but still consume fatty fish and good vegetable oils. The famous omega-3s have a reducing action on inflammation.

A diet rich in good micronutrients (i.e. rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, white meats and fish) promotes a good renewal of skin cells and benefits overall health. Zinc reduces acne; it can be interesting to consume it as food supplements (all our food supplements are for the beauty of the skin here).

Beware of sun exposure: it tends to thicken the upper layer of the epidermis that holds the sebum inside, which gives an illusion of improvement, but then there is usually an upsurge of blackheads.

Suitable Products For Beautiful Skin

To eliminate blackheads and, in general, treat acne in both adults and adolescents, natural products help reduce the severity of breakouts. Still, they can also offer treatment against acne scars or prevent their appearance.

For example, wild thought products tighten the skin’s pores and cleanse toxins. To gently remove blackheads and prevent their reappearance, consider preparations for scrubs that are unincrusting, plants or essential oils. Blackheads and pimples will decrease after applying hazelnut oil.


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