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Changes To Help Regain Motivation For The Gym

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Regain Motivation For The Gym – Going to the gym may improve your general, mental, and physical well-being. It is normal to lose motivation for the gym, but there are a few simple tips to help you get back into the swing of things! Perhaps you need to learn to take your gym progress slowly, look at exercise differently, refresh your diet, invest in gym wear that gives you the confidence you deserve or set non-weight-related goals.

So, let’s find a few really simple ways to make small changes to your routine to regain motivation in the gym to support your brain and body. 


1.      Take Things Slowly

Our first recommendation for regaining your workout drive is to take things carefully. Going five days a week is unreasonable and unsustainable if you’re having trouble getting back into the gym. So, the greatest entity you can do is start small and establish smaller objectives you are more likely to attain, then develop from there.

For example, you could start by saying you want to go to the gym twice a week, one day to lift weights and one day to do your favourite gym class. Then, on the days you aren’t going to the gym, you will aim to do 5,000 steps to stay active. Once you consistently hit these goals, you could move up to 3 days a week and 6,000 steps a day on your rest days.

When you hit your goals, it will help you feel much more motivated than if you set unrealistically high ones and feel disheartened when you cannot meet them. This is a much healthier approach to helping you regain your motivation in the gym!

2.      Set Non-Weight Related Goals

Somewhere many people make a mistake by not setting non-weight-related goals, as this can spark an unhealthy relationship between your body and the gym.

Instead, think about other things that you want to achieve in the gym, such as:

  • Building muscle
  • Being able to run non-stop for 10 minutes
  • Learning to do three push-ups or pull-ups
  • Focusing on your form for core moves like squats
  • Doing 30 lengths in the swimming pool

When you choose these goals, you will naturally make your body stronger and healthier and work towards building a healthier relationship with fitness.

3.      Do Exercise You Truly Love

Another vital part of regaining your motivation is to do exercise that you love. If you hate it, forcing yourself to go on a treadmill for an hour will not do anything for your motivation.

So, commit to finding exercise you enjoy by trying various things. If you love to dance, go along to a dance class, go to an outdoor gym in the sunshine, go swimming (even outdoors if you enjoy the fresh air), try skipping rope, join a tennis club, find a great new rock gym playlist and lift some heavy weights or spend the day on a hike with friends and a picnic. You might attempt a new fitness class at the gym if you like to work out with other people.

Spend some time thinking about what you enjoy and try a few new things, and you will certainly feel the benefits when you fall in love with exercise again!

4.      Refresh Your Diet

To refresh your diet, you can do something else to help you feel motivated for the gym. When you are fuelling your body with everything you need, you will naturally have more energy and feel much more productive, helping you get the motivation to exercise a bit more.

So, try to incorporate a mixture of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and high protein foods into your diet:

Healthy fats can help to reduce your cholesterol, and they also help to keep you fuller for longer.

Complex carbohydrates like brown bread and brown pasta, as opposed to simple carbs like sugary foods, are packed full of nutrients and the vital sugars your body needs to convert food into energy, so you are more energetic and can feel great throughout your whole workout.

Protein is a dynamic part of any healthy diet, as it helps the body repair, builds muscles, and is an energy source. Eating more protein makes you enjoy your workouts much more and feel revitalised. If you aren’t eating enough protein, you will feel achy and tired after working out.

5.      Wear Gymwear You Feel Confident In

Lastly, you should invest in some gym wear that you feel confident in. If you are wearing gym wear that you feel self-conscious in, whether that be because it doesn’t fit quite right, it might not be squat proof, or it feels restrictive, you will find it hard to enjoy your workout and put your all into it simply.

Everyone likes different gym wear, so the gymwear you choose will, of course, be different, but choose something you feel great in, and you are likely to find that your gym experience changes for the better! So, you need to wear something that makes you feel good and supported. This could be squat-proof women’s gym leggings, more comfortable trainers, a supportive sports bra or a sweat-wicking t-shirt to keep you cool.


These tips should include something for everyone, no matter how much you go to the gym, your current fitness level or what you want to achieve in the gym. Going to the gym or exercising, even a couple of times a week can transform your well-being.


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