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To analyze your clothing style, you need to focus entirely on yourself. It’s worth knowing which kind suits you. Above all, do not seek to meet the expectations of others but only your own. Once your style matches you 100%, you won’t care about the eyes of others.

You will be sure of your clothing choices, that they look like you, and that they send the right message to you. Admittedly, your style will not please everyone, but it is not a problem on the contrary!

The classic woman wears beautiful, timeless basics, generously cut with clean lines. But it is not because she likes relatively simple and sober pieces that she lacks style. The classic woman who knows how to compose outfits that are rewarding for her silhouette and who opts for quality pieces will have a stunning look.

How to Change Your Clothing Style?

You can entirely change your style of dress during your lifetime. You evolve, and your class must also grow with you. You don’t dress the same way in jeans, or a t-shirt everydayetc. It is, therefore, quite normal to evolve your style over time. Your class will always fit perfectly with the person you are.

The Fashionista Top or Flop clothing style?

A woman who bases her entire style on fashion trends is a fashionista. Each fashionista’s clothing purchase is guided by the movements of the moment. Just like each of its clothing associations will be driven by fashion trends.

That’s why the fashionista regularly finds herself with clothes she no longer wants. She has many inactive pieces in her wardrobe and is in the perpetual process of renewing her business. She does not buy to complete the parts they already have but to restore them.

Finally, the fashionista has to spend a lot of money to be able to replace her clothes constantly. She often favours quantity over quality and buys in fast fashion brands*.

Select Trends According To Your Clothing Style

I’m not saying that you have to ban any modern room from your dressing room. I invite you to consume trendy pieces occasionally and in a long-term vision.

Thus, you will avoid being trapped by the most fleeting trends. What are the trends that become almost importable once the movement has passed? Opt for fashion trends that take up beautiful, timeless women’s wardrobes. Timeless ones that perfectly match your everyday style. Once the trend is over, you will still wear these pieces for a long time.

You never wear. We are now in a time when we must pay more attention than ever to what we consume. Our planet is going badly, and the fashion industry is highly polluting. Fleeing fashion trends that will quickly end up at the bottom of your closet is also an eco-responsible approach.

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