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The Denver fashion scene has been flocking steam in recent years. Events like Denver Fashion Weekend draw attention to local designers and fascinate national fashion gurus, while magazines like 303 Magazine have put the Denver fashion industry on the national stage.

Denver also has a wealth of lifestyle bloggers bringing a little bit of their chic and influential impact to the Mile High City. Here are several Denver fashion bloggers you should be ensuing.

MacKenna Johnson

MacKenna Johnson is a 20-something designer working in Downtown Denver. Her blog, Hurtling Whimsy, is a meticulously curated blend of her love of fashion and interior design. Her looks are attractive and young, often with subtle design elements and a bold statement piece.

She puts outfits together from designers from Nordstrom and Tory Burch to Urban Outfitters and Target. She also provides readers with plenty of clothes shopping guidelines and hacks. She’s also a member of like to know, so followers on her Instagram.

Desire Falk – Denver

Desire Falk of Darling Be Daring is an avid traveller but focuses her fashion stories on outfits from local Denver boutiques and places worldwide. Her posts take an inspiring tone, and she focuses on how to make readers feel beautiful and relaxed in their skin.

Her looks are exciting, flirty, and even a bit stylish, and her photos are attractively put together and often involve other females, displaying a strong message of female friendship.

Jack Savoie

Jack Savoie is a student of Attire and Merchandising at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He runs The Savoie Daily, a fashion blog for males.

Not only does he feature a collection of fashionable men’s fashion, but Savoie also publishes interviews with industry professionals that will interest any reader wanting an inside peek into the business. His style has a classic feeling with a few creative details.

Abby Miller – Denver

Abby Miller’s fashion and lifestyle blog, Denver Darling, indeed loves the Mile High City. Miller is a Denver native who presently lives in the LoHi neighbourhood.

Her style has an eternal elegance that is clean but fun with squelches of colour and pretty prints. Many of her pictures and accompanying stories are as much an insider’s guide to Denver as they are about fashion.

Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard is a Nigerian-born professional stylist with a deep love of fashion. Her blog, Ranti in Review, emphasises helping readers evolve their style through her keen eye for fashion and design. Her style is bold yet clean, with attractive prints and stark silhouettes, but always a chic presentation.

Reann Langas – Denver

Reann Langas is not only a lifestyle blogger but also a proponent of body-positive messaging in fashion culture. She proudly proclaims she’s a size 12/14 on her blog, Rae, every day, and she’s a “curve model” who does all her styling and shoots.

Her style is minimalist and neutral with the occasional pop of colour, with her favourite stores being Nordstrom, Free People, and ASOS.

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