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“You don’t need to travel to start your career as a model, as you can work from the country you live in. First, determine what you want to do, a magazine cover or a fashion catalogue? In this case, check the names of the agents in your country, and contact the featured models.

And ask them for advice on defiance in this interesting field. And in turn, they will tell you what to do, and what you need to get rid of, such as excess weight, or exercise regularly,” says Youssef Sbahi, the agent of the models who are coming to the profession.


Ask your friend to photograph your face from several angles. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on photography. Ask your girlfriend to photograph your face from several angles, as well as your body and hair, in multiple views, such as swimming pools, sportswear and more, and make sure to shoot in a bright place, with many places to change the background of the photos.

Look for an agent. You have an essential question: What is the agent’s role? The agent’s role lies in introducing you to the fashion world, as evidenced by the appropriate Agency, with a good reputation, conveying his experience in this field, inevitably benefiting from it adequately, and saving you lost time in the experiments.

Specifications of the Right Agent to be a Model

Do not pay agencies for your delivery to customers, or register your name, under the pretext of contacting you later. Multiple trusted websites display the names of special agents, so choose the most appropriate ones.

It is necessary to make sure that there is a complaints resolution office, consider the legal problems in this Agency, and do not deal with the agent in case you feel uncomfortable or that it exposes you to dangerous situations.

And do not allow anyone to exploit you. At the beginning of the road, know there is nothing without a price, do your best, rely on your talent, make sure you develop it yourself and do not care about false promises.

Don’t pay extra fees, claiming to take test photos or for registration, and don’t respond to pressure from some agencies which require you to take a specific course.

Hence, they make money behind you, don’t care if you’re talented, avoid agencies with a photographer, don’t wait hours to meet managers, and preferably take your girlfriend with you for seriousness.

Don’t Just Have One Agency

Connecting with multiple agencies will allow you to deal with new customers, open new networking windows, send your photos to agencies via email or directly to their offices, and ensure you come with a striking and elegant view.

Practice is the Most Important Thing to Being a Model

that the most famous models did not go to private schools to learn the profession, but they learned from life and experience, which is the best proof, even when you go to school.

It will not give you more than Doris coordinating clothes, hair, and make-up. Experience will only provide you with life and difficult situations.

See Other Model Examples

Go to the workshops to train you to stand in front of the camera, and it’s an excellent opportunity to choose to play a small role in an ad or TV show, and acting will help you gain fame and gain new skills that will help you work.

Focus on walking, see veteran models, and benefit from their experience. Learn different walking routes, choose from them to suit you, and keep up with the nature of your body.

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