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Five Tips to Fight Frizz in Winter

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As soon as the climate is humid, do you fight against Frizz? You have tried everything and can not discipline your hair? Frizz appears on both straight and curly hair and is mainly present in winter.

They can be due to moisture and cold wind, but also to the drying or breakage of your hair fibre. Here are five tips to fight Frizz in winter.

Choosing the Right Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Washing your hair too frequently dries out the scalp and hair fibre. Your hair becomes fragile and brittle. As a result, small curly hair appears and prevents you from styling properly. For this, it may be wise to space your shampoos. If you are used to washing your hair every day, start cleaning it every other day.

The ideal is to make only two shampoos a week. Regarding the shampoo, choose it soft and suitable for brittle hair. Solid shampoos made from natural ingredients can also be a great solution to take care of your hair.

Rinse Well and Dry Your Curly Hair

Hot water tends to open the hair’s scales, damaging its hair fibre. If you can’t wash in cold water, try in any case to rinse your hair with warm or cold water.

This way, the hair’s scales close, protecting them from external aggressions. Then, avoid drying your hair by rubbing it with a towel.

This technique damages them, breaks them and promotes the appearance of Frizz. In the same way, avoid the hair dryer that sends hot air harmful to the health of your hair. Prefer an open-air drying or wrap your hair for a few minutes in a microfiber towel without rubbing.

Moisturize Your Curly Hair to Avoid Frizz

In winter, your hair is subject to the cold wind and temperature variations that dry out the hair fibre. Your hair becomes dry and brittle, and Frizz appears. So remember to moisturize them regularly. You can use a moisturizing conditioner or apply masks at least once a week.

Many moisturizing masks for dry and brittle hair are available in supermarkets, but you can also make your masks at home. Mix, for example, one raw egg and three tablespoons of almond oil and apply for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair.

The oil bath with argan, coconut or shea oil is also an excellent natural remedy for Frizz. Apply the oil of your choice along the entire length and leave it on as long as possible (all night, for example) before shampooing.

Use A Straightening Brush For Curly Hair

If you regularly have Frizz, you can invest in an ionic smoothing brush. Less hot than a hair dryer or a straightening iron allows you to style your hair quickly while neutralizing Frizz. It does not damage the hair and can be transported easily. Just plug it in, wait for it to heat up and style your hair to say goodbye to unruly locks and minor hair.

Avoid Hoods and Caps

In winter, you tend to protect yourself from the cold with XXL scarves, hats or hoods? This habit tends to weaken your hair. Prolonged friction between the cap and the hair dries out and breaks the hair fibre. It is, therefore, better to avoid using a head covering when you tend to be prone to frizz.

A little extra tip: to prevent the appearance of Frizz in winter, remember to take a look at your hairdresser. Take the opportunity to refresh your look and significantly cut your split ends. Your hair will be healthier, and you will be able to spend the winter without a hitch.

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