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The SOE insists that the tariff per kWh during the COVID-19 pandemic does not lead to an increase., responding to this, wants to help ease the electricity bill by giving a discount and cashback of IDR 1 million (direct discount of IDR 500 thousand and cashback of IDR 500 thousand).

The surge in utility bills has caused complaints from home electricity customers and industries in Indonesia during the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) due to the co-19 pandemic. In Karawang Regency, West Java, around 480 industries were devastated because they still had to pay high electricity bills.

Even though their electricity usage is down because of the PSBB, the electricity bill that jumped drastically became a complaint from home and industrial electricity users in Indonesia during the PSBB period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, PT PLN has denied charging an increase in electricity tariffs.

So, if the user bill reaches IDR 20 million, then the paid is only IDR 19.5 million, and it remains added with a cashback of IDR 500 thousand, R. Ari Sudradjat, CEO of, said in a written statement.

Ari said that paying for electricity on the platform is very easy. Users type in the electric customer ID, and the bill will appear. Then, when they make a payment, users enter the promo code through the application or site.

Strategy used by Hotelmurah

Strategy used by Hotelmurah has been operating since late 2017, with the target market being young people fond of traveling. Due to many user requests, also provides airplane ticket services, train tickets, pulses, data packages, and electricity payments.

Almost all hotels in Indonesia and Asia are available at For competition with other e-commerce players, the hotel-run strategy is to provide the best price, easy ordering experience, and good customer service support.

According to Ari, one of the strategies to get past this pandemic coronavirus is selling hotel vouchers that can remain bought now at very low prices but can be used to stay at any time until next year.

Hotels with a budget of IDR, 700 thousand for sale for only IDR 400 thousand can remain used freely at any time. He said this year’s target will likely be affected by a significant amount and may only reach 70% of what remains expected.

The company is selling hotel vouchers that can remain purchased today at low prices but can remain  used to stay at any time until next year. Hotelmurah also provides flight ticket services, train tickets, pulses, data packages, and electricity payments. It is because of the many requests from consumers.

To compete with other e-commerce players, hotelmurah’s strategy is to provide the best prices, an easy ordering experience, and support good customer service.

Why is popular?

Why is popular?

The reasons why is famous remain listed below:

Affordable Accommodations: The site could also have particularly cheap hotel deals for travelers looking to stay on a shoestring budget.

Wide Range of Options: If it offers a wide choice of hotels in different areas, those traveling within their limits could benefit from such diversity.

User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-browse website, simple booking process, and precise description of facilities, locations, and costs will bring more people to a site.

Positive Reviews and Recommendations: Good reviews and word-of-mouth from happy customers can help build up a site’s reputation for trustworthiness.

Deals and Discounts: The site might even have regular promotions or discounted rates on accommodations to attract attention and distinguish itself in a market with online booking sites.

Responsive Customer Service: Getting the bookings right Another way to draw more people into a site is good customer service and help with problems or questions.

Keep in mind that the reasons for the popularity of any website may change over time amidst changes to services, market trends, competition, and customer preference. But for anyone concerned about visiting HotelMurah (or any other such site). It is advisable first to see what has remained said of the recent reviews, user experiences, and current services.


As a hotel booking app, HotelMurah personifies the practical concepts of convenience and low cost in trip planning. Perhaps its reputation comes from the fact that it offers travelers a seamless experience and provides inexpensive accommodations at just about any location.

In focusing on accessibility, a user-friendly interface, and competitive prices first, HotelMurah is probably likelier to remain labeled as an easy means for travelers wanting good stay value.

Of course, one must read user reviews and check out what is available to ensure it fits their likes and requirements before making reservations. Ultimately, HotelMurah’s popularity reflects a growing trend toward convenient and affordable travel options in an increasingly competitive hospitality industry.

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