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How to Become a Fashion Designer?

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The Fashion designer is an artistic designer working in sewing workshops and design offices specializing in the creative style specific to clothing fashion. He can exercise his talents in designing collections for ready-to-wear or rarer because they are more challenging to access in haute couture.

A fashion designer in the field of haute couture will have the name Artistic Designer Haute Couture or Grand Couturier.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

The primary function of the Fashion Designer is to create a new clothing collection that will renew the catalogue of the marketing that employs him. Current trends will inspire this professional and consumer expectations to consider the Fashion of tomorrow.

To do this, he carries out a lot of research work. He draws sketches, looks for colours and textures and lays the foundations for his future creation. Once the concept is decided, it must obtain the validation of the artistic direction. Once this is achieved, he can begin the phase of concretization of his ideas.

He works with suppliers to find the raw materials that will meet his artistic visions. Then, he develops a collection plan that considers the models, fabrics, the amount of clothing to be produced, etc.

After reproducing his drawings on a computer. It would be great if you worked with the modeller to bring the collection to life in terms of prototypes.

The fashion designer will then supervise all the work of the professionals working in the sewing workshop. He also manages their industrial production when he works in the field of ready-to-wear. You will organize the events that will allow him to exhibit his collection.

Qualities to be a Fashion Designer

The fashion designer is passionate about the world of Fashion. It would help if you were creative and artistic and your aesthetic sense developed.

It would help if you had an immaculate pencil stroke, knew how to draw, and had a master’s in computer-aided software (CAD).

You are meticulous and rigorous, know how to manage a project, and organize and plan tasks while respecting budgets and deadlines. You should also have qualities as a leader of men and knows how to defend your ideas.

And also you should negotiate skills to get the best prices from suppliers. He is also proficient in the English language to deal internationally.

How much does a Fashion Designer Earn?

A beginner designer earns between 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs annually. The salary depends on the size of the company, its ambitions and its reputation.

It takes a few years to make a name for yourself and see your remuneration soar. A confirmed fashion designer can receive more than 4,000$ gross monthly or even more!

But beware, places are expensive and rare! Few people manage to achieve national or even international fame.


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