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How to Choose the Shoes in 5 Steps!

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Have you ever thought about the fact that a pair of shoes can bring you much more than just protecting your feet and being able to walk? Be elegant and stylish thanks to your shoes. It is quite possible. It is even essential. Shoes make us elegant, feminine and intelligent when well chosen and worn.

They offer us a touch of originality. In addition, they improve our looks and often give us confidence in ourselves. To do this, it is essential to make the right choices. In this sense, the shoe is a staple of female beauty that can make you beautiful and sexy. You’ll find out why.

1. See Your Shoes As A Unique Accessory Full Of Qualities

When you think more deeply than usual about your shoe collection, there are apparent qualities to give to this accessory.

A shoe dresses your foot, anchors you in the ground, and thus in your life. If you choose a nice pair of shoes in the morning, you will be in a good mood and feel good.

Take the test: put on your favourite pair of pumps, look at your feet and smile. It will put you in a good mood for the whole day, much more than if you stayed in a slipper

A shoe grows you in every sense of the word. Perched high, you feel ready to bite life to the fullest and lift mountains. Heels lengthen your figure and give you confidence in any situation.

Shoes also bring a personal touch to your outfit. Whether your pair is sober or bolder, it reflects your personality and says much about who you are. I often look at the feet of the people I meet, and I always find it interesting to apprehend them through their shoes.

2. Choose The Right Shoes At The Time Of Fitting

You may not automatically think about it, but the step of fitting a pair of shoes is paramount to make sure you wear them well and be happy with the model you’ve fallen for it.
Here I give you some tips for buying your shoes and avoiding compulsive purchases that you may regret:

Make a shopping list to limit yourself to what you need. It will prevent you from ending up with several similar pairs you won’t use. It shouldn’t stop you from cracking for a random shot at a storefront from time to time, but try to streamline your purchases to enjoy each of your pairs of shoes even better.

Make sure you choose the correct size. Even if you think you know it, it is better to make sure when fitting. Take a few steps, and take your time.

Do you feel comfortable and comfortable? Is your foot supported enough without being too compressed? Do a small test: bend your knees, and squat down on the soles of your feet. If your toes bump into the tip of the shoe, it’s too small.

Project yourself into your schedule to choose the heel height. During the day, to go to work, bet instead on a heel of 3 to 5 cm, which will allow you to stay comfortable, especially if you have to stand or if you have to walk.

For a heel of 7 cm and more, plan instead to wear your pair of shoes for an evening at the restaurant or an outing with girlfriends or lovers. As for heels of 10 cm and more, I know that some of you can wear them daily, I admire you, and I say congratulations!

3. Always Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Take the time to touch the pair of shoes you want to get an idea of the quality of the material. You can especially check the small quality label that will tell you what materials the shoe is made of. You even need to know how to decode it. We often tear it off as soon as we get home without even looking at it.

But, even if it does not have a very aesthetic rendering, it is valuable to know the materials used to make the shoe. It is either inside on the side of the lining or outside at the sole.

If you are small and round

From boots to low boots, opt without hesitation for heels too. They will lengthen your leg. You can easily prefer thick and compensated heels to balance your figure.

Choose ballerinas with a small heel to avoid the full effect. Wear your derby instead with pants than a skirt or dress so as not to thicken your leg.

If you are tall and thin

You can also afford a lot of things since you are slender. Boots, boots, boots, thighs, sneakers, derbies, ballerinas, treat yourself! If you are tall, do not choose a heel that is too high to avoid being too high perched daily. For occasions, you can, of course, be bolder.

If you are tall and round

Thick and square heels will be your best allies, and again, if you are very tall, do not choose them too high for your everyday outfits so as not to be too high perched and avoid a massive look. Derbies are to be worn with pants rather than a skirt or dress so as not to thicken your figure.

5. Learn To Walk Well With Heels

When you get home with your coveted pair of shoes, you must know how to walk elegantly.

You have all already seen in the street mechanical and unflattering steps! You can practice at home by trying these simple little tricks:

  • Always look straight ahead without looking at your feet
  • Stand up straight and don’t walk too fast. Slow down instead
  • Don’t be static, and move your hips
  • Have confidence in yourself. Your approach will be more assured

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