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How to Organize Makeup in the Bathroom?

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It is time to take the opportunity to do a little sorting and optimize the available space. So, how to organize makeup storage in your bathroom? Here are some tips and advice so the storage part does not become a real headache.

Cosmetics are one of those items that we like to buy regularly, to have fun, or to add new colours to our makeup collection. But over time, the accumulation of beauty products is such that your bathroom threatens to become a happy bazaar.

Make the First Sorting to Organize Makeup

Over time and various purchases, it is not uncommon to accumulate countless cosmetics and makeup products. Whether it’s free samples, creams received as gifts, or eye shadows explicitly purchased for a fancy dress party, face the facts: do you regularly use all your makeup products?

If the answer is no, then sorting is required. Before starting the storage operation, gather all your makeup products to complete the effective cleaning. Select the items you want to keep. To adopt a positive attitude towards sorting, first, focus on the products you will save.

Then, go back to the products you didn’t select. Discard makeup with expired dates and damaged cosmetics (a lipstick exposed to heat, a cream whose lid is broken). Remember to recycle packaging, boxes, tubes etc. For the rest, do not hesitate to please around you.

If you never wear blush, what is the point of keeping this item received as a gift during your visit to your beauty salon? If this eye shadow colour does not suit your complexion, why try to keep it?

And if this luxurious day cream gives you an allergic reaction as soon as you apply it, what does it still do in your makeup collection? Give the products you don’t use to your friends and loved ones.

Group By Product Type

Once the first sorting is done, prepare the storage step by grouping your items by type of products. Bring together makeup products for the complexion (creams, foundations, powders, blushes), eye makeup (mascaras, eyeliner, eye shadows, pencils.), lip makeup (lipsticks, gloss, lip contouring.), nail care (varnish, bases, hardeners, nail clippers, files, …), and finally accessories (sponges, brushes, …).

Find The Right Piece Of Furniture to Organize Makeup

Your makeup products are now sorted and perfectly organized. All you have to do is find a piece of furniture suitable for each. Here, it’s all about taste, certainly, but also about available space.

A Makeup Corner For Large Bathrooms

If your bathroom is large, why not opt for the layout of a real makeup corner like a professional? To feel like a renowned actress every morning, first set your sights on a piece of furniture (s) that you like.

You can choose, for example, wall niches to keep everyday makeup handy and a drawer cabinet to keep products that are not good exposure to light and those that you do not need every day.

Install a comfortable seat in front of the furniture, then decorate the whole with a large mirror with good front lighting. In particular, many rectangular mirror styles decorate your bathroom and see you from every angle.

A Cabinet With Drawers, For Medium-Sized Bathrooms

Suppose you don’t have enough room in your bathroom to create your Makeup corner. However, you still have enough space for an extra piece of furniture, so opt for a drawer cabinet, which will allow you to keep your products at hand while keeping them organized by categories.

I prefer furniture with drawers already compartmentalized. You can also get cutlery dividers and plexiglass storage boxes at any soldering or decoration store. These storage spaces are perfect for helping you quickly and easily access all your makeup products. Again, I prefer mirrors hanging on the wall to save space and see you from behind (ideal for making your hairstyles in the morning).

Niches And Wall Shelves, For Small Spaces to Organize Makeup

For the most limited spaces, niches and wall shelves are ideal for storing makeup. For a touch of originality and modernity, you can opt for pretty pots and hanging vases, which will accommodate your pencils and other brushes.

Nail polishes and lipsticks can be displayed on a wall shelf, where you will have them constantly within arm’s reach. Finally, eye shadows, blush, and foundations, more sensitive to light or moisture, can find their place in the shelter of a niche for a reduced makeup space but ultra-cosy.

Organize Your Products According To Your Makeup Routine

In addition to the traditional organization by category and colour, remember to store your makeup products according to your daily routine by isolating the essentials from your makeup bag. Thus, make it easier for you to access your day creams and other foundations, which are the first step every morning.

Below or next to it (depending on the type of furniture chosen), arrange your eye makeup products, lipsticks, and accessories. Varnishes, for example, maybe a little further away since you will not access them daily.

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