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How to Use Onion Juice on Hair – How It Works

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Onion Juice – It is generally known for its pungent smell, but now it can also be known for other things that help in hair care.

Researchers have found that onions’ anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can help grow hair or improve a healthy appearance.


Hair Care With Onion Juice

It is a well-known treatment for hair health, particularly hair loss. It has been used as a home cure for decades.

Why Use Onion Juice For Hair?

It can be effective against hair loss in some cases. It can also restore lustre and shine. It can also prevent premature hair discolouration and treat dandruff.

Here is a complete list of claimed benefits of onion juice for hair care:

  • Alopecia treatment
  • Hair loss
  • Inflamed, dry or itchy scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Hair thinning
  • Dry or brittle hair
  • Premature grey hair
  • Scalp infection

Does Onion Juice Work For Hair Loss?

It can aid with hair loss in a variety of ways, according to research. For starters, onions are high in dietary sulfur, a substance that our systems require.

Sulfur is found in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Keratin, known to be rich in protein, especially sulfur, is necessary for strong hair growth.

When added to hair and scalp, It can provide additional sulfur to support strong, thick hair, prevent hair loss, and promote growth.

The sulfur in onions can also help boost collagen production. Collagen, in turn, supports the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth.

It is also believed that onions can promote blood circulation. Applying| it to hair and scalp improves hair growth by increasing blood supply to hair follicles.


How To Use Onion Juice For Hair?

Many people have developed a simple home remedy to apply onion juice to their hair.

Because of the strong odour, some individuals may hesitate to apply onion juice to their hair. As a result, several people have offered easy methods to help minimize the onion odor.

What Should I Be Aware Of Before Consuming Onion Juice?

It is typically safe to put on your hair. If you are sensitive to onions, do not use onion juice on your hair.

Onions are very corrosive to the skin, even in persons who are not allergic to them. This can be avoided by combining onion juice with an emollient such as aloe vera or coconut oil. Depending on the intensity of the combination, side effects may include redness and itching.

A hair transplant is the only effective treatment for some conditions, such as alopecia. The same goes for baldness. Do not use onion juice as a treatment for alopecia or other hair loss problems.

Certain medications can also upsurge skin sensitivity to It (such as aspirin). If you are concerned about interactions, do a patch test first or talk to your doctor.

Possible Side Effects Of Using Onions On The Skin

Using onions on your skin is not a good idea if you are already allergic to the onions you eat. Not changing direction can help avoid further allergic reactions.

It can also be unpleasant to delicate skin. The important thing is not to leave it too long. This implies that you should avoid wearing it overnight if you have sensitive skin or a sensitive scalp.

As with any product or treatment, discontinue use if onion extract irritates.


Onions are a safe, natural, affordable home remedy that is good for your hair. Many have reported improving thickness, promoting growth, and even regenerating new growth when treating hair loss.

However, onion juice is not a treatment for baldness, alopecia, or other conditions related to hair loss.


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