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Fashion marketing has a direct influence on the daily lives of millions of people. But what is less known is that the impact of this discipline goes far beyond the fields of sales and advertising communication. Fashion marketing plays a significant role in the genesis of styles.

It relies on various elements from the world of psychology and the world of business. Fashion is much more than what comes out of the designers’ workshop. Fashion marketing is a profession that encompasses different aspects that are not well known. It is a link between the intangible nature of art and the concrete reality of the market.

While it is true that online marketing is an area where innovations follow one another at a dizzying pace, this phenomenon is even more evident in the world of fashion marketing. Not so long ago, fashion blogs were still an ideal showcase for major ready-to-wear brands. However, this has not prohibited them from being dethroned by social networks like Instagram.

Associations and networking have now established themselves in areas where the brand once played a key role. Notions such as the concept of “it girl” would never have come to the mind of the creators of yesteryear. Even if it is true that the pioneers in the field also had their muse. Lesson number one: Fashion marketing requires continuous learning. But it also requires intuition to stay ahead of trends or even to get ahead of them.

Is Fashion Marketing a Vital Market?

Lesson number two: Fashion is a sector of the economy. It is a transversal concept that impacts all other sectors. Fashion is obviously of great importance in the field of textiles. But this is also the case in decoration, cooking, tourism, food, and sport. In all aspects of life and all sectors of industry.

So yes, the fashion marketing has many fields of application, and it concerns a large market. Of course, you need a good dose of creativity and intuition to apply to the many niches where this discipline is practised.

Do I have a Chance to Work in the Field of Fashion Marketing?

Lesson Three: All fashion professionals need a marketing expert. Therefore, fashion marketing opportunities are numerous, and they tend to multiply.

Nowadays, the concept of personal marketing has become essential, and a knowledge of fashion is necessary to apply it to each customer’s image. A customer base that cares about its brand is a sustainable source of activity, as personal marketing must always be at the front of the news.

Designers become entrepreneurs and also use fashion marketing to position their businesses. They also need to have first-hand knowledge of market trends.

All businesses, online or not, need to know about trends regarding the brand image. Since their creation, fast-food franchises, anxious to adapt to societal changes, have changed their branding strategies dozens of times.
Journalism often involves fashion marketing. The same goes for photography. News reports and other publications rely less and less on technical and journalistic skills alone. They also require strong background, a high cultural level, and the ability to present articles and interviews, taking into account trends and fashions.

Some Recommendations to Start Working in this Sector

You can study marketing: there are many very high-level training courses to become an account manager or product manager. Lesson four: Choose a good training with a broad spectrum that will bring you solid knowledge in the different areas of fashion marketing.

You will also learn a lot by seeing the specialists. Study the communication strategies of major brands. Today, anyone with an internet link can quickly identify their successes and failures. You can also apply such policies yourself. Blogs, social networks, and all kinds of open-access tools allow you to do this.

What Qualities and Knowledge do I Need to Work in fashion marketing?

You have to have excellent observation skills and not be afraid to take risks. It also takes specific intuition and patience. Fashion constantly evolves, but it doesn’t do it out of anything.

Fashion history is often a great help in predicting the following season’s trends. Lesson five: Fashion marketing owes less to divination than research, calculations, and perfect knowledge of current events.

To learn how to handle these different concepts, to communicate, to transform them into operational instruments in business, knowledge in Marketing will be very valuable to you. It is mainly the case for the courses of this MBA that we invite you to consult.


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