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Matte Skin: How To Make It Up And Highlight It?

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To highlight matte skin, it is necessary to know how to make it up according to its specificities, with the right products, and take care of it daily with hydration, care and sun protection. Find out how to make up and highlight your matte skin to avoid the greyish appearance joint on this type of skin.

Bet On The Complexion To Succeed In Your Matte Skin Makeup

The key to a successful matte skin makeup, regardless of skin colour, is mastery of the complexion! If you have matte to black skin, complexion makeup should be well chosen to avoid giving the face a greyish side.
For the makeup of the matte skin complexion, we start with a mattifying complexion base: this base will make it possible to smooth the skin texture and fix the rest of the makeup.

Then the concealer is applied. The correct colour for matte skin is apricot or slightly orange concealer. Be careful not to opt for a shade too light, which could grey the complexion. We will apply the concealer in tiny touches, melting it with the foundation of the face to avoid demarcation.

Finally, the foundation is applied. To test the shade of your foundation, use a slight touch on the maxillaries rather than on the back of the hand. The ideal is to choose a darker shade than your skin colour because the foundation will lighten when you apply it, and lighter foundations will grey the skin. Choose a foundation that is both covering and light (for example, a foundation in stick format): a foundation that is too powdery would have an unnatural effect.

For the powder, choose it in the same shade as the foundation. It must have a compact texture for the effect to be natural. It is applied with a brush on the T-zone only in a light layer. The result should give a satin complexion, velvety and slightly shiny on the cheeks!

It is possible, if desired, to add blush. Opt for a blush with pink or orange hues to give radiance to your complexion. To make the cheekbones shine, add a touch of highlighter at the end of the makeup.

What Eye Makeup For Matte Skin?

Once the complexion makeup is finished, switch to eye makeup! For matte skin, it is advisable to favour eyeshadows with warm, copper or iridescent tones (beige, gold, rosewood …).

These shades have the advantage of matching well with matte skin. As for the colour, rely on the colour of your eyes. It is also possible to add a line of eyeliner or kohl, which will add contrast and depth to the look, perfectly highlighting matte skin!

Coloured Lips To Highlight Your Matte Skin

To highlight matte skin, the best lipstick colours are:

  • Apricot
  • Red
  • Vermilion red
  • Carmine
  • Fuschia
  • Shades of pink
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Plum

Dark shades such as plum, burgundy or brown are reserved for fleshy lips, while thin lips will be highlighted with bright pink tones. You can also opt for a glossy rendering. A great idea to make your matte skin even more radiant!

How To Make Up Matte Skin For An Evening?

You go out and want to adopt a makeup that changes and highlights you? For matte skin, it is advisable to stay on natural cosmetics. In other words, if you want smoky eyes, you will make them light; and if you wear coloured lipstick like intense red, you will accompany it with more lightweight eye makeup like mascara.

For eye makeup, a good idea to shine in the evening is to put a touch of bright eyeshadow (silver, iridescent beige, gold.) The inner corner of the eyelid brings bright reflections to your eyes.

Taking Care Of Dull Skin To Highlight It: Our Beauty Routine

To highlight dull skin without makeup or makeup, taking care of your skin is essential! If you have combination and oily skin, do not ignore hydration, which gives you shiny and quality skin. Just find the right products! It would help if you, therefore, integrated it into your beauty routine, whatever the nature of your matte skin:

Daily hydration of the skin: with quality and natural products such as organic aloe vera; Makeup removal: morning and evening, opting for good products.

A facial scrub: every two weeks if you have susceptible skin, once a week if you have dry skin, and once or twice a week if you have oily skin.

An anti-imperfection treatment (serum, cream). Morning and evening, if you have oily skin prone to imperfections.

A purifying mask: once a week with natural products such as black seed oil, tea tree essential oil, or clay;
Sun protection if you are going to expose yourself during the day: it is applied under makeup if it is light (for everyday life) or on bare skin, if it is a high index (if you are going to expose yourself for a long time).

This step is essential to protect your skin from skin ageing and avoid the sudden appearance of pigment spots common in matte skin.

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