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Mind and Body: Fitness Version

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In keeping with an era in search of harmony between mind and body, the practice of “Mind and Body” fulfil our well-being expectations.

Newcomer to the fitness world, she reconciles muscle building, postural work and relaxation. The key is a return to the calm mind and physical tone in addition!

New Expectations

The Mind and Body, designed by Fitness First, is in line with so-called global gymnastics, which considers the body and mind. The philosophy: move better instead of moving more. We leave performance and effort in favour of well-being.

“The goal is to improve flexibility and tone, with a certain fluidity,” explains Yan Blondelet, fitness manager of the brand. Classical muscle-building work is associated with a postural and relaxing approach. The new star accessories? The Chi Ball, the Swiss Ball and the Foam Roller, foam roller. A method all in roundness and smoothness.

Mind and Body: Posture in the spotlight!

Working on deep muscles is at the heart of the method. Small recap: the deep muscles surround the spine, just like those that tone our abdominal strap. We owe them a dynamic attitude and a different look. When not solicited, muscles and tendons lose elasticity, “disorient” the body and limit gestures.

It is from their poor holding that comes back pain and other minor physical discomforts. Remedying this is within everyone’s reach.

“All the exercises in Mind and Body are intended to become aware of your posture and improve it,” says Yan Blondelet. Specific work on flexibility helps to protect against imbalances and gain range of motion.

Mind and Body: Breathing, more than choreography!

Inhale, exhale! “The movements are associated with controlled breathing, the keystone of the practice,” insists the Fitness manager. Where usually the choreography is at the centre and where the desire to clear one’s head and let off steam dominates, it is quite different in “Mind and Body”.

The goal is to learn to relax while staying in motion. “And more precisely to free mind and body from constraints,” Yan continues. To achieve this, the work on breathing is very present. To the rhythm of soft music and advice the coach provides, breathing will “decompress” the mind and relax the body.

In addition, the movements are “circular”, as are the accessories: Chiball, Bosu, Foam Roller, Pilates Circle… Each will promote a practice of agility, coordination and awakening of the senses. Throughout the course, the accumulated tensions and the fatigue inherent in our way of life are released.

New Expectations

“This method was developed in response to new expectations that have emerged from the Fitness public,” says the manager. If the body cult is still in full swing, a new trend is emerging: a need for harmony, a deep reconciliation with one’s body.

The hectic pace is replaced by slowness, thanks to which one returns to a finer listening to oneself. This practice allows you to experience the close bonds between your body and mind.

This new audience saw a rise in morale and less aggressiveness. Proof that exercises based on stretching, softening and alignment promote more significant muscle, joint and mental relaxation.

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