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Summer Skin

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We know from experience that we do not have the summer skin as in winter. Hence the need to adapt your skincare routine as accurately as possible. It is still necessary to understand what happens in the heart of the skin and what mechanisms are at play.

An allergist (consultant for Bioderma), makes the first diagnosis: “Under the effect of heat, sebum becomes thinner. Combination skin in winter becomes oily in summer, and dry skin becomes more comfortable. Another critical phenomenon is sweat production: to regulate body temperature, when it’s hot, you sweat.

And since the skin is cover with small sweat glands, its protective hydrolipidic film on the surface is enriched. The less glam side is the shine and dilated pores.

Finally, by osmosis, sweating leads to severe dehydration, which in turn aggravates the symptoms of oily skin. “Sebum is self-defence. When the skin loses water, it makes fat to trap it.

Moisturize To Measure the Summer Skin

This season is essential to use moisturizing care to restore the skin’s balance, whatever its nature.
The prescription of a combination for oily skin

The more oily skin neglects hydration, the more it will have enlarged pores and excess sebum.

What you need: textures full of water but low in lipids, such as sorbet gels or serums to use alone. Apply in equal quantities to the entire face, even to the middle area, the part that most needs to be regulate. Mattify only with makeup products, as blotting creams may dehydrate the skin.

The Prescription Of Dry Skins

“Beware of rich creams that have an occlusive effect and block the evaporation of sweat in periods of heat,” warns Michèle Sayag. Hydration is done here in light emulsion mode to have the correct dose of fat that is lacking.

Thermal Regulator especially for Summer Skin

Travel, air conditioning. Today, we often go from winter to summer weather in hours or even minutes. And no shoulder season to help the skin acclimatize to changes in air temperature and humidity. Consequence: even more intense dehydration.

The parade recommended by Marlene: leave a moisturizing mask on at least once a week. “No need to allow half an hour. It is apply in the morning when you wake up, left to sit while drinking tea and rinse in the shower. Better a few minutes than no mask at all.

Chinese Secrets

Chinese medicine is particularly attentive to the seasons. If it considers external factors (cold, hot, wind, humidity.), it also determines that each organ is “weakened” from an energetic point of view. “In summer, the heart is the weak organ,” a therapist in Chinese energy medicine explains.

We are in yang energy. The energy rises to the level of the head, the internal heat too, which results in a more dynamic microcirculation, an increase in sweating, possibly redness, more inflammation and also a loss of water and minerals.

To work internally on the balance of yin and yang and tone the seasonal organ, Chinese medicine recommends two things:

Acupuncture. In a few sessions, between three and five, you feel your skin change, but you also feel much better. “The heart is the organ of emotional balance. In summer, we tend to be more agitated. To go even further on the regulation of the skin, the grain refinement, and the complexion’s radiance, the founder of the Claret-Coquet method has developed the Aculift treatment. This acupuncture protocol works more precisely for the face.

Targeted feeding. In summer, you must bet on bitter, consuming spinach, watercress, pineapple, lemons, and grapefruit. The other good reflex: drink at a moderate temperature, even warm, never too fresh, because it blocks digestion and, in general, the harmonious flow of energy, which is terrible for the complexion (and in addition, it swells).

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