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Love Your Natural Hair Again

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Are you tired of dyeing your natural hair and want to return to its original colour? So we have some great tips from celebrity hairdressers on how to make this change. Check out this 4-step guide.

1. Seek Inspiration On Social for Natural Hair

media and you may be afraid to return to your natural hair colour if you have had it for a long time. Therefore, to help you find courage, we suggest you find some natural hair queens on social media.

Educational videos on YouTube and Instagram celebrities can inspire you to love natural hair colour regeneration.

2. Make A Change

now some of you may think: “Wait a minute – returning to my natural hair colour may take years?” not necessarily! You must let your hair roots grow again and choose a hair dye to suit them. This way, the difference between your natural colour and the dyeing process will not be severe.

However, this will not happen overnight – expect to invest two to four months. The first advice from celebrity hairdresser and blonde hair replacement specialist Hannah Jabordy is to use silver shampoo to lighten any copper colour – this can lift the colour without hassle.

Then there’s a set of root powders and a defect corrector to cover the coin to grow your hair roots quickly at home, says Hannah Jordy. “I advise you to visit the salon to make your hair as close as possible to your natural colour, which can be softened using a heater or add more depth with light depending on your hair’s colour.”

3. Treat And Repair for Natural Hair

as soon as you decide to return to your original colour, start with a bit of hair care. If you’re hiding your hair in break-prone braids or intense product hairstyles, pamper yourself with a new care protein. Start each shower with a moisturizing shampoo, a rich laxative and a hair mask.

It will help you restore your natural hair texture and repair any damage. Once out of the bathroom, apply oil to the hair to help keep moisture. It makes the hair soft and easy to filter.

“When you lengthen your hair, it’s important to think about the health of your hair,” says celebrity hairdresser Bernardo Vasconcelos. I recommend using nourishing keratin masks at home.

4. Repeated

After moving to the original colour, it is necessary to continue using regular cuts. An excellent basic rule is to cut your hair every three to four weeks. “To get back to your natural colour as soon as possible, I recommend a great haircut that will renew your style simultaneously,” Vasconcelos says.

“If your face shape fits the margin, this may be the time to adopt a new style with the softening of the roots. If you want to maintain your current hair shape, I sometimes use a technique where we mix natural roots that can be pulled with balm or use a bright colour for months to enhance your beautiful natural colour.”

The possibilities are endless – good luck!

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