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How To Give Radiant To The Face?

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We’ve all dreamed of having a radiant complexion, luminous skin, naturally fresh pink cheeks and lips. Today this grail is called “glow”. An English term meaning light.

The Glow is a natural, inner radiance that translates into our face. Discover our tips to have glowing skin, radiate vitality and radiance and have a luminous, smoothed and pink skin texture.

1. Start By Cleansing Your Skin

Radiant and healthy skin requires a suitable cleansing; it is a step not to be neglected. The ideal? A double cleansing combines micellar water that removes makeup and rids the skin of all its impurities, and a gentle cleansing gel allows it to wash the skin gently.

Micellar Gel and Micellar Water combine the rebalancing prebiotic, a sugar that will nourish the skin flora, thus helping the skin to maintain its balance, and micelles that will cleanse the skin by eliminating fat and impurities. Thanks to these two active ingredients, your skin will be perfectly cleansed and purified.

2. Purify And Detoxify Your Skin

A clay scrub that will exfoliate gently allows both to unclog impurities, revive the complexion and smooth the skin texture. And, to go even further or in case of oilier skin or dilated pores: choose a charcoal mask to tighten the pores and reduce blackheads.

It is essential to use a show 1-2 times a week. Indeed, it will allow you to have healthy skin continuously, thus promoting its radiance. Opt for a vitamin C mask that will infuse your skin with energy for an instant good look effect.

3. Radiant Skin Is Also Active Cell Renewal

An AHA face lotion will be the ideal ally for an express and leave-in peel after makeup removal and before your night care.

In addition to stimulating cell renewal, the cream tightens pores and smoothes skin texture for a new skin effect. The operation that you can renew once a week if you wish.

What Products For A Radiant Complexion?

To have beautiful luminous skin, it is essential to moisturize it well. Also, to act more specifically on the skin’s radiance, choose a treatment that works both on the vitality of your skin and its texture.

Bethsabée Coutaz, scientific director of Dr Pierre Ricaud, has designed and established a precise definition of Glow: “Glow in the skin’s ability to reflect light well. It is the ideal brilliance that obscures the signs of ageing.”

Burst: thanks to the antioxidant stabilized vitamin C that improves cellular vitality. Smoothing: the smooth appearance of the skin texture thanks to Niacinamide. Energy: thanks to white lupine peptides to stimulate blood circulation for a fresher and more rosy complexion. You can find this treatment in the form of cream or fluid cream – ideal for warmer days.

If your skin shows signs of fatigue and becomes more marked, in addition to a vitamin C cream, use a serum or a cure with a high concentration of vitamin C, such as 10%, for a densified, smooth and even skin visibly tired.

Beauty Also Comes From Within

Even though it is varied and balanced, the diet does not cover all the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. However, luminous skin is skin filled from the inside and outside, functioning dynamically and optimally.

You can use food supplements, including active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and vitamin C, which contributes to collagen synthesis.

How To Have A Beautifully Radiant Complexion?

To put the finishing touches to your beauty routine for glowing skin, consider opting for makeup with a natural complexion.

You can use a fluid foundation or serum for a natural radiance effect and a glowy complexion! Your routine is complete: your complexion is healthy, bright and “glowy”!

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