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Strengthen Your Figure At Home Exercise!

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You can carry out this exercise program at home for the perfect body, in your apartment or even while travelling, in your hotel room. So, no more time constraints imposed by sports clubs and no more good reasons not to do them.

An Excercise for Flat And Muscular Stomach

Exercise N°1: Vertebral Winding

Muscles worked: movement located on the lower part of the abdominals.

Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent on your chest, arms on the ground.

Performing the exercise: exhaling, peeling off the pelvis and curling the lower back (only part of the spine),

keeping the legs flexed and glued to the chest. Inhale by returning to the starting position without resting your feet on the ground so as not to arch your back.

Do six sets of 20 repetitions and even more if you have exemplary achievements. Give yourself 10 seconds of rest between each stage if you are starting.

Exercise N°2: Tilt And Bending Rotation

Muscles worked: large and small obliques.

Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent on your chest, keeping the angle formed by the thighs and calves. The lumbar remains stuck to the ground. Their right hand bent behind the head. Left arm stretched to the ground in the extension of the shoulder.

Execution of the exercise: exhaling the right elbow to touch the left knee. The lower back remains glued to the ground. Change sides.

Do four sets of 20 repetitions on each side. Another possibility is to perform the same exercise but keep your legs bent and your feet on the ground.

Slender Legs Exercise

Exercise 1: Flexion-extension work

Muscles worked: quadriceps, glutes, adductors, hamstrings.

Starting position: Standing, feet parallel, hip-width, arms stretched along the body, looking straight ahead.
Execution of the exercise:

Flex your legs by inhaling, raising your arms in front until the hip joint is at knee level without rounding the back and controlling the descent. When the femurs are horizontal, exhale upwards by contracting the glutes to the starting position.

Advice: The back will be slightly inclined but flat in this movement. You push your buttocks back as if you want to sit down. To feel the work of the glutes and thighs and legs, it is essential to bring the thighs horizontally

Training: 4 sets of 20 repetitions. Give yourself a minute of rest among each set

Exercise 2: Leaning Against A Wall, Static Work

This exercise allows you to intensely work on the bodybuilding of the upper thighs.
Slender legs

Starting position: Place your back well on the wall, legs bent at right angles, arms along the body and contracted the belly well.

Execution of the exercise: Hold the starting position by blowing for 30 to 40 seconds.

Training: Repeat this exercise six times with 20 seconds of rest between each of them. Depending on your possibilities, little by little, try to hold the position longer until you feel a burning impression in the thighs.

Concrete buttocks

Exercise number 1: extension of the leg upwards

Muscle worked: the gluteus maximus.

Starting position: On all fours, arms outstretched or flexed to support the elbows, no arched back nor relaxed back. The head is in the extension of the spine, the gaze facing the ground.

Extension of the leg

Execution of the exercise: Exhaling, raise the leg outstretched, foot flex, no higher than the buttock, and tighten the glutes.

Inhaling, slightly lower the leg (always stretched) without releasing or touching the ground. If you have an advanced level, use a leste or rubber band around the ankles for more intensity.

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