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Folks, I often talk about “going fashionista” or hitting the “fashionista level”. What’s problematic, though, is that not everyone knows what a fashionista is and that people have different interpretations. Sometimes, I’m not even sure what I’m heading for!

How are you all finding this enthralling season? I think I’m insanely obsessed with rain, which is why I keep obsessing over the rainy season. But never mind! Returning to our day’s topic, I’d like to ask you a question. How would you define fashion and a fashion lover as a fashionista? Fashion, in my opinion, is all about feeling great about yourself!

Fashion transports you to a world where you are independent, confident, and alive on the inside. A fashion enthusiast is simply an extrovert who enjoys new things and is not afraid to try new things. Check out the following qualities to see if you are a true fashionista!

The Idea of a Fashionista

I think we all have a similar idea of the basics of a fashionista—someone interested in fashion, probably to the extent that the person’s life revolves around the subject. From there, though, I think we all have different definitions. Perhaps a fashionista is someone like the character Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Someone obsessed with designer clothes buys clothes beyond reasonable measurements and embodies more is more. Some people would probably not connect a fashionable person to designer clothes solely, but clothes in general.

Others would say that a fashionista doesn’t follow trends, while some would say it’s a trend follower to the core. So no doubt there are different ideas of a fashionista. They go with their style no matter what the trend is going on.

Fashionista X, the Fashion Folks

But long-time readers of The Fashion Folks know that I think fashion reaches beyond designer clothes, consumption and the next trend.

Your level of style is not defined by how well you know all the latest fashion trends, the new creative director at Dior or if you wear the velvet boots or not this season. When I refer to a fashionista on the Fashion Folks, I refer to someone with a feeling for style.

A feel for colour, shape, texture, and details creates the most genius outfits. A person that always has that little extra going on in the business. Someone with a big passion for fashion, whether it is in vintage clothes or trendy ones. It is reflected in the person’s style, from top to toe.

Be a savvy shopper! That you are, I guess

Look fun, like makeup, is a common and widely used hack for wearing a delicate appearance without fail. Similarly, if you are unsure about doing too many outlandish experiments, only look-inspirations can save you.

A true fashion diva learns from her surroundings, such as fashion sources of inspiration from parties, street style, or anywhere else. On the other hand, fashionistas have a habit of selecting something informative from various types and people.

Girls, take note of what I’m about to say! You don’t have to be a shopaholic to be trendy. If you appreciate fashion and style, you know where to shop and where not to shop. If you want to prove yourself as a classic lover, you should be a clothes organizer in addition to being a savvy shopper who shops calmly.

I know it’s a little tricky, but come on, ladies! Nothing is too complicated for today’s lady! (I hope it doesn’t sound too gloopy or like a pretty standard.) And remember, never buy second-rate clothing for your wardrobe. Because fashionistas always give it a second thought before buying anything for their wardrobe.


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