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Korean fashion is the most famous fashion in all of Asia. It is the popularization of Asian culture. Those who know me know that I spend hours watching videos about other cultures, and that’s precisely how I got to know them and fell in love with Asian culture, specifically Japan and Korea.

And as a fashion lover, I couldn’t help but observe the characteristics of Korean styles. Korean style is unique, as are all countries.

A trustworthy source of inspiration for beauty fanatics, South Koreans are also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fashion lovers. Thus, Korea brings together many local brands designed and produced in the country, creating a strong fashion identity.

This article contains some of the most popular fashion ideas among young Korean women. If you are a fashion lover, then you will love these tips.

Korean Fashion Combines Style And Comfort

Core Mode

With Korea’s growing influence in the fashion world, you may wonder how to discover the latest trends.
It is pretty easy to see that there are two main categories of styles:

Street Style, with very trendy and super stripped-down pieces.

Simple clothes, nothing too showy, too colourful or too printed. Most pieces have discreet and more “erased” colours. Classic prints like stripes and tiles are preferred, with straighter models, without a lot of trim, like ruffles and knots. I have an impression that all looks are comfortable, matching all situations and adapting to several styles.

The Girlies are Super Feminine and Sweet

From streetwear to the cutest style, Koreans are elegant and can showcase themselves in any kind. A good tip is to follow the Instagram of Korean girls to keep an eye on the next trend that might come up. I know it’s hard to bring all this style into our daily lives, but with these tips, you’ll see how to combine style and comfort into your routine.

A curiosity: Korean women do not wear cleavage or show their shoulders. In addition. It is a question of culture. The necklines are inappropriate. If the division is problematic, bare legs are super-accepted. They wear and abuse very short skirts.

The most used models are the pleated skirt (like those of school uniforms, typical of Asia) and the flared skirt, all high-waisted, marking the waist well.

The Essential Clothes to Adopt Korean Fashion

The High Waist

In addition. 99% of Korean women wear high-waisted clothing. And this fever goes to shorts (also very short) and pants. They usually wear a shirt, blouse, t-shirt inside the skirt, shorts or pants.

It is a charm, and it gives this marked freshness in size. Their favourite combination is to wear the top with the bottom tighter to the body. That’s great.

A blouse Under the Dress

Two-piece clothing is still a Korean fashion trend. Take a T-shirt or blouse and put it on as the first layer. The options are endless, from the simple t-shirt to the turtleneck sweater to the shirts.

Complete your look with a bag, sneakers, or boots, but don’t forget your loose socks! Don’t forget to try it!

Oversize Parts – Korean Fashion

I sometimes wonder if it wasn’t the Asians who popularized oversized pieces. It can be said from the large blouses. Even if they are super thin, they are not afraid to mix several clothes with a number twice as large, especially those in winter, making bold overlaps. They wear a lot of jackets, blouses and sweatshirts whose bottom of the sleeve is so large that it covers the whole hand.

But wearing oversized clothes can be pretty complicated. It is essential to understand the balance to avoid getting two giant pieces that do not work together.

The idea is to combine a loose and oversized top with another tighter garment. For example, if you wear an oversized sweater combined with a straight skirt. You can also combine tight-fitting jeans or shorts with an oversized blouse, even your boyfriend’s.

A Striped Top

If you’ve seen a drama, you may have noticed that it’s a costume typical to most Korean women. While shorts aren’t new to any of us, matching them with a striped t-shirt may not be the first choice if the style of Korean girls hasn’t yet inspired you.


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