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What’s in the Women’s Purse?

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Isn’t it said that we carry a part of ourselves or our entire life in our purse? The handbag, alternately objects of covetousness, and luxury, containing our little secrets and our intimacy, a fashion accessory that changes according to the collections, outfits or seasons but never leaves us as our most faithful companion!

But by the way, what’s in it?

Whether it’s the latest Balenciaga “it Purse” or a Monoprix simi-leather, here is what we think we need to put there to find the answer to all (or almost) situations?

  • First of all, a little advice: compartmentalize your bag into kits!
  • A large tote quickly becomes unmanageable if you put everything in bulk!
  • So, to find your way around, bet on the beauty kit, essentials kit, and geek kit. You decide.

And then, if you like to change bags according to your outfit, you will have to transfer your pouches from one bag to another.

In My Purse, I Put: Mobile Phone And Keys

Ideally, in dedicated pockets and if the Purse has no pocket, in the essentials kit so that we do not spend 2 minutes looking for his mobile when it rings to miss the call then, We do not stay three sinkers to desperately look for his keys when precisely a slight drizzle begins to fall


If you are still in paper agenda mode (we can only recommend the personalized plan that allows you to have your little tribe in front of you).

  • Essentials kit
  • Chequebook
  • Keys (if there is no pocket in the bag)
  • Mobile phone (if there is no pocket in the bag)
  • Transport card (my favourite: the pick four colours fun to make style effects)
  • Notebook (as thin as possible)
  • USB key (a folder or photos to recover, voila)
  • Aspirin blister (or other medication depending on pathology)
  • Tissues chewing gum or lozenges a fresh breath at any time

The Beauty Kit (All In Mini Size)

  1. A gloss or lip
  2. The balm is a sun powder that gives a good express
  3. Look for a mini mascara
  4. A file and a nail clipper (ideally in a small set)
  5. A retractable
  6. A hairbrush, a mini deodorant
  7. A small toothbrush and its small tube of toothpaste
  8. A small mirror
  9. A pill pad in case
  10. A few dressings
  11. A small bottle of antibacterial
  12. Liquid and elastic band
  13. A sanitary napkin

The kit will be more or less filled according to your pace of life. Similarly, if you are sedentary, you can store the beauty kit at the office and keep only the bare minimum in your purse.

When you leave the office in the evening, you will have everything on hand. On the other hand, if you move a lot during the day, the kit will be in your purse.

A Small Pouch For Papers

If you are the type to walk around with three prescriptions, two bills to pay, and the shopping list, classify all this in a cardboard flap pouch with elastic format A5 or A6. Depending on the seasons you can put things in your Purse:

  • An umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • A scarf
  • A pair of spare tights in case of spun mesh
  • So As Not To Get Bored In Transport
  • A pocketbook, a magazine reduced format, an mp3 if it is not your phone that serves as it.

The Essential Toddler Kit in Purse

Never give up if your tribe accompanies you! It will save the day!

  • Tissues to avoid dripping glanders (yuck)
  • Wipes to clean mouths and mines
  • Pick four pastel colours (we love it) or coloured pencils (4 or 5 in the mini version)
  • Small notebook for scribbling or printed
  • Colouring – card game to avoid seizures in case of waiting at the doctor (your phone can also do the trick!)

Small sweet in case of enormous inconsolable sorrow or small uncontrollable hunger (a bag of “Na” rather than herbs, but it is you who see). Usually, you are ready to face any situation with a bag like that!

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