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Ideas for Classy Outfits for Women

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We always need class outfits, whether to go to the office or a personal or professional appointment. But how do you know if your chosen firm is classy and elegant?

We take stock of the basics of a classy outfit, with some ideas of class clothes essential to compose your bright outfits.


What Makes Classy Outfits?

How to dress classy? There are a few rules to follow in choosing an elegant and chic outfit. First, selecting clothes designed with timeless materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or silk is necessary. The quality of the textile is one of the central points of a classy outfit! Similarly, the garment and accessories design must be qualified to make the outfit chic and elegant.

To dress classy, it is advisable to choose outfits with neutral colors and a few patterns and prints as possible. Be careful. A company can be elegant, even if it includes printed clothes! But if you start, you will choose the most neutral outfits possible.

The advantage of neutral colors is that you can match them with everything without missteps: beige, white, grey cream, black or navy blue. We will always associate 2 to 3 colors maximum in the same outfit. If ever there must be a 4th color, I prefer black or white.

Another golden rule of class dress is never to show too much. To dress classy, it will be necessary to avoid plunging necklines or mini-skirts.

The accessories of a classy outfit are classic: simple hoop earrings in gold or silver, a pendant necklace with pearl, shoes of cream, black or navy blue color

Finally, to dress classy, you must wear clothes that fit you! Forget oversize jackets and XXL shirts or jeans too skinny. The elegant clothes are adjusted: straight pants, straight suit skirt…

The Blouse

The blouse is essential to the class outfit. The class blouse is neutral in color (white, cream, navy blue, light blue …) and fitted shape (we avoid oversize blouses).

It is worn with classic straight pants, a suit skirt, clip-on pants or straight jeans. You can complete your outfit with a cashmere sweater with a round neck or turtleneck and neutral colors such as grey, navy blue or beige.

The Fluid Top With Lace

The flowing top with lace (sleeveless or long sleeves or 3/4) is another classic wardrobe piece of clothing, classy and elegant.

The lace must be well dosed so as not to overdo it: the look must be tasteful and not sexy. We associate the fluid top with lace with a tailor’s skirt and jacket.

Women’s Class Outfit Pants

The 7/8th straight pants are classic pants that can be combined with a blouse, a fluid lace top or other high classes.

We choose a neutral colour and associate it with pumps, moccasins, derbies or boots. In winter, you can wear a turtleneck sweater or a cashmere sweater with this outfit. On the accessories side, a simple leather bag will perfectly complement the classy outfit.

The Wallet Skirt Outfits

The wallet skirt is essential for a classy or office look. For example, the wallet skirt is semi-long and can be worn with a fluid Caraco.

It can be worn in summer as in winter, combined with transparent or opaque black tights and a wool sweater of sober colour.

The Blazer

The Blazer can be paired with any outfit and make it classy! Indeed, the Blazer is a chic, elegant and timeless garment. It can be worn on a summer tank top or a simple sweater in winter, with jeans or classic straight pants.

To not overdo it, we wear comfortable shoes rather than pumps, such as derbies, boots or moccasins. You can also embellish his outfit with a belt and a classic leather bag.

The Shirt Dress Outfits

The shirt dress is a very classy outfit to go to the office, to the doctor’s or a personal appointment. It is chosen united and associated with men’s shoes such as derbies or moccasins.

In winter, you can wear a mid-length beige trench coat on your shirt dress. With this outfit, we will wear fine and discreet jewelry.


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