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Do you remember Steve Harvey with hair? When the beloved TV host began his career in the 80s, he had a very different look. Steve Harvey’s hair was a part of his image; he had so much of it that he had to have four haircuts a week.

Harvey, who now sports a grey ‘stache and a full beard, visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday and clarified why he said so long to his signature look over the summer.

“I was on vacation and left my Just For Men at home — because I had been dying my moustache,” he told the host. “So the rest of it started rising in. The next thing I knew, I went, ‘Damn! It either going to be sexy or I’m ugly as hell — one of the two.'”

“Yeah, I mean, there are some haters always,” he told DeGeneres. “They don’t like nothing. One dude said, ‘You look old.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute. I’ve been living for more than half an era. Plus a decade, plus two more damn years. Dog, I am old!'”

In other words, he’ll be 62 in a year — and the dad of seven and grandpa of five has comprised his age, just like he’s learned to love that silver beard.

But What Made Steve Harvey Go Bald?

The TV star once admitted that it was tiring to have hair as he had to travel with a barber to keep it in top-notch condition, which used to take an hour of his time and 4 hours a week.

So, on Christmas Eve, before turning 62, Steve obvious enough was enough, and he cleanshaven his hair off while his wife and children were Xmas shopping and never looked back.

Harvey says he was going through a personal alteration, which complexes losing weight and changing his image. He just required to reinvade himself because he got tired of being the same old Steve Harvey

Shaving my head was more of a mystical thing for me. I wanted to be free. We must admit that we much prefer Harvey without hair than with it, so we are glad he shave it all off.

Steve’s Advice to Bald Men

Once during a show, a man from the audience asked Steve Harvey for advice concerning his balding problem. He was just 24, and he was already losing his precious locks.

Harvey said:

You will be able to fight it for a little while, but I want you to understand something – when it’s time to let it go, let it go.

Then he added to reassure the young fella:

Women love a bald man. You will be stun!

So guys, don’t worry too much if you are losing hair. Just look at these bald hotties:

They are bald and proud of it! Moreover, Judging by Harvey’s happy and long marriage, women love a bald man, at least his wife certainly does. He has been marries to Marjorie Elaine Harvey for 13 years, and the sparks still fly between them. So embrace whatever Mother Nature gave you and remember, when it’s time to let it go, let it go!

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