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Conditioner is a complementary hair care product that can be used in addition to washing. They can have different actions, especially on the scalp, but also on the appearance or health of the hair.

Which care to choose and how to integrate it into your hygiene routine? We will explain everything to you.

What is a Conditioner?

A conditioner is a hair care that is not intended to wash the hair, unlike shampoo. It is a product to be applied after washing the hair and washing care.

Conditioners can have several actions on the hair: detangling, nourishing, etc. It can be used for all types of hair, daily as routine care, or as an occasional cure to treat a disorder (dandruff, brittle hair, etc.).

The Different Forms Of Conditioner

There are conditioners in different forms. Most of the time, these come in a tube, in liquid form, to be applied to wet hair in the shower.

A solid conditioner is similar to a bar of soap, which foams and liquefies in contact with water. Finally, leave-in conditioners are more like styling hair care.

They nourish the hair intensely and facilitate detangling, especially for curly or frizzy hair. They are applied after washing, like hair cream, without rinse.

What Does A Conditioner Consist Of?

The composition is essential: the active ingredients present in the treatment will allow it to have an action on the hair. Thus, the presence of vegetable oil (coconut, castor, argan), or shea butter, ensures a nutrient intake.

Similarly, some essential oils or plant extracts have nourishing or soothing benefits. Finally, it is recommended to favour a composition with the most non-chemical elements and avoid derivatives of the plastic industry (silicones, etc.), which could prevent the hair from breathing.

Hair Mask Or Conditioner: What’s The Difference?

A hair mask has a richer formula than a conditioner. In addition, it generally requires a more extended break time and helps to nourish the hair in depth, mainly thanks to active ingredients such as shea butter or vegetable oils.

How to apply your conditioner?

You have chosen the right product for your hair and are wondering how to use a conditioner. Here are some tips for applying your treatment at home.

A conditioner is mainly applied on the lengths since it is here that the hair tends to be dry or in need of nutrition. However, on dehydrated hair (curly or frizzy, for example), the treatment can be applied to all hair, including the scalp. The same goes for short hair.

Can It Be Used As A Mask?

Mask and conditioner have different compositions. The first is more nourishing and is not destined to be used daily. Similarly, a mask will be used less frequently than a conditioner, although the latter can act as a mask on normal-type hair.

A conditioner is the perfect hair care to incorporate into your daily or weekly hair routine. In addition to shampoo, it can help repair dry or brittle hair, nourishing the hair fibre and facilitating the detangling of curly or very long hair.

The three key points to remember about it:

  • The conditioner is used in addition to the shampoo for hair care. However, it does not wash the hair.
  • A conditioner is applied primarily on the lengths to nourish them in depth.
  • There are different formulas with targeted actions for each type of hair.

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