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The hairstyles in the anime are often created based on real hairstyles, but it is usually drawn as tufts instead of individual strands of hair. The reason behind this is that if you create multiple animated images or panels in a manga, it will be too long to draw something too elaborate.

Sometimes, the hair appears translucent, and the character’s eyes are visible. However, this probably indicates that the hair is thin enough not to cover it completely, which isn’t too far from reality. Anime hair is trendy among shōnen group anime/manga characters, although the trend seems to be towards more plausible styles: compare Goku’s hair to Ichigo’s.

The best way to draw anime hair is to divide it into different sections, including sides, front, and top/back (as will be demonstrated in each haircut below).

Drawing Of Long Anime Hair

Long and straight hair is among the most well-known hairstyles used in anime and is relatively simple to draw.

Red–Front Hair

Green – Lateral hair

Blue – Back/Top Hair

Anime Hand Drawing: How to Draw an Anime by Hand

It is also possible to apply the same approach to draw different hairstyles. Thinking about the hair as a whole can make the drawing process much simpler to handle.
That way, it’s time to move on to the way of drawing. Anime long hair drawing step-by-step

Step 1

Start by making an outline of the head, then a sketch for the hairline. In this particular style, the hairline does not matter as much because it is completely covered with hair.

It is always a good way to determine the total length and position of the side and front hair sections. The hairline should be drawn relatively lightly so that you can quickly erase all parts later.

Step 2

Hairline: Draw the hair straight above the crown of your head and draw a hairline as in the image above.
This particular hairstyle is suitable for this. If the anterior part of the hair has been cut quite short, you can style it into tiny tufts of pointed hair.

Create your “side hair” quite long, with its general shape slightly curved. You can also divide it into smaller clumps at the end.

Draw the upper part of the “back hair”. Draw the upper part of the “back hair” in the same way as the contours of the face (a little far from it) before growing until it is completely hidden behind the shoulders.

Step 3

Remove the parts of the head that remain hidden by the hair, then add the lines that reveal the folds in the hair at the back and front.

It remain usually recommended to put these folds in the clumps of hair. As this is where they will most often appear on real hair.

Step 4 to Anime Hair

Then fold “the back hair” to give a more defined shape, to make sure it doesn’t appear as a square cutout.

You can also apply simple shading to help your hair burst more when you’re done drawing.
Cartoon Of Anime Short Hair

The design of short hair above is a bit like long hair, with hair again broken down into three main components: sides, front and back. The actual diagram of the drawing could remain described as follows: Anime short hair drawing step by step.

Step 1

Start drawing short hair with the hairline and head. Similar to the example above, the hairline is not as important as in other hairstyles, but it could still be beneficial.

Step 2

Similar to long hair, drawing it is similar to the “front hair” section which remain made up of a series of tiny clusters. The hair of this particular instance is a bit messy. So the tufts will curve in different directions. If you prefer neater hair, draw it as in the previous example.

Step 3 to Anime Hair

As before, erase all areas of the head hidden behind the hair and draw the bottom of the hair on the back. It is usually a good idea to let this part of the hair be the last part of the drawing of the lines because when you look at the front of the head. It will be located behind all the other areas of hair.

If you try to draw it at the beginning without using other hair in order to “frame” the position, it is likely that there are overlapping lines and that it will be necessary to make a second erasure. Incorporate the inner fords (only one of them in the instance). And also, if desired, you can add simple shading.

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