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How To Choose A Fragrance For Men?

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You want to please your man by offering him a new fragrance, but you have difficulty choosing a perfume for him. How do I know if it’s right for him? We’re here to help!

Choosing a Fragrance for a man is a difficult task! So we’ve created the perfect guide to help you, based on his personality and style, just in time for the holidays!

Thanks to the advice of acceptable perfumery expert Mehdi Lisi, President of Global Fine Fragrance, you won’t make a wrong choice after reading this guide!
“We all have a unique relationship with perfumes.

“Looking at why a man wears a perfume could give us a clue as to what a man will like.” Please keep reading to find out how to choose the right fragrance for him based on his personality and style!

His style: Classic – Classic Fragrance for them

His family of perfumes: Aromatic and Citrus

Who he is: He is a traditional and confident man who loves classics. The perfume helps him feel powerful and fresh at work and in his free time. So opt for an aromatic and refreshing fragrance with a genuinely masculine look.

“The aromatic fragrance family is the mainstay of men’s perfumery, combining clean, tonic and energizing notes, which are the legacy of men’s grooming products,” says Mehdi. “Lavender, in particular, is a key part of the iconic ‘Fern’ accord – a blend of herbaceous notes.

She is known for her impression of cleanliness and sense of comfort.” How to choose a perfume for a man? Staying in the classics, of course!

Perfumes for him: Giordani Gold Mister Giordani with its radiant and fresh top note of vetiver followed by grapefruit and geranium or Glacier EDT with its citrus notes and a touch of mint, followed by pineapple and floral heart notes.

His style: Bold – Bold Fragrance for them

His family of perfumes: Woody and aromatic Who he is: He is a man of trend who likes

To stand out in the crowd. So it’s no wonder he wants a unique and vibrant fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. So how to choose a perfume for Mr. the pioneer? Choose a bold scent with woody notes and fruit or grass for an unforgettable aroma.

“Many men want their fragrance to highlight them! These men are open to many types of perfumes but always look for high-quality and character perfumes. Amber and woody notes always attract the attention of those around you.

Perfumes for him: Possess the Secret EDP for Men with sparkling bergamot and subtle notes of sage or Eclat Style Parfum with cardamom and leathery notes.

His style: Sensual

His family of perfumes: Oriental and woody

Who he is: He is a charismatic, creative man with sophisticated tastes. Wearing perfume is a way for him to please his senses and feel more attractive. Its ideal scents are exotic, aromatic and mysterious, so the oriental and woody scents suit it.

“Some men like perfume to boost their self-confidence and impress others, especially romantic interests! These men tend to appreciate something aromatic faceted with clean effects, with a woody and soft dry-down that gives an impression of warming,. “Oriental scents are also perfect for winter!”

Fragrances for him: Lost in You For Him with its ginger and spicy top and addictive took notes or Ascendant EDT with its spicy and aromatic cardamom warmed by the seductive notes of sweet vanilla.

His Style: Casual But Elegant

His family of perfumes: Citrus and woody

Who he is: He is a relaxed and relaxed man with a taste for adventure. He wears perfume to feel good and receives a dose of stimulating energy daily. Look for light fragrances with a natural touch and a clean smell.

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