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Succeed In Your Eyeliner Stroke

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To draw and succeed in an eyeliner stroke, there are a few things to know: which eyeliner to use when you start? How do I get an excellent comma? What are the mistakes to avoid absolutely to succeed in your eyeliner trait? We will answer your questions.

How to Draw an Eyeliner Line?

To correctly draw a line of eyeliner and make a perfect doe eye makeup, you must start by placing the eyeliner between your fingers. Hold it between the index finger and thumb, close to the tip, to avoid shaking during the stroke. You can lean on flat support in front of the mirror, with your hand resting on your face, to stabilize your arm and hand.

Once you hold the eyeliner well, position yourself in front of the mirror and draw a landmark with the tip of the eyeliner where you want your line to end. Then, draw a small line at the level of the eyelashes on the last outer third of the eye: the eyeliner line must join this small line and the landmark. The thickness of the line depends on the desired rendering: if you want a sophisticated look, thicken the line. For a natural rendering, the line should rather be fine.

You can change the line of the eyeliner according to your eyes. Here are some examples:

If you have round eyes, you can draw the line only on the last outer third of the eye and stretch it in a comma towards the temple, which will visually lengthen the look.

If you have small eyes, draw the eyeliner lines to the middle of the eye only to give the impression that your eyes are more enormous; If you have bridled eyes, you can draw a thick line along the look that will go up on the upper eyelid to enlarge the eyelid.

And also, if you have a drooping eyelid, we advise you to favour a thick, straight and short line to counterbalance the movement of the eyelid.

Choosing the Right Eyeliner to Make Your Makeup a Success

The choice of eyeliner is crucial for successful makeup. You can choose between various textures:

The felt eyeliner or pen is reserved for beginners because it is easy to handle and allows a precise, delicate and frank line. It is also simple to correct in case of failure: soak a cotton swab in makeup remover water and apply it to the place to be fixed.

The pencil is an essential part of the makeup bag, which is the most used to trace its eyeliner line. It is advisable to choose a bold pencil (to facilitate the tracing) and a long hold (so that it does not flow during the day). If the line is too thick, remember to prune it to refine its tip.

Kohl is ideal for smoky eyes thanks to its intense black. Liquid eyeliner is reserved for the more experienced because it is challenging to master with its soft tip. However, the result is fantastic once you master its use!

The cream or gel form used by professionals is applied with a fine brush, bevelled or straight. It offers excellent hold, but again, its mastery takes time.

The Scotch Technique to Succeed in Your Eyeliner Stroke

If you are a beginner, the scotch technique will help you succeed every time your eyeliner line! This technique consists of taking two pieces of tape (be careful, take videos designed for makeup so as not to damage your skin) and placing them at the outer corner of the eyelid, towards the outside of the eyebrow.

The other is at the level of the upper eyelashes to form a triangle with the first piece of scotch. You can follow the line defined by the tapes to draw the comma with your eyeliner. Let it dry before removing the scotches.

The Spoon Technique to Succeed in the Stroke

To facilitate the tracing of the eyeliner, you can also use a spoon. The handle (placed so that it runs along the nostril, eye and end of the eyebrow) will serve you to draw a beautiful comma, while the rounding of the spoon plated against your eye will help you attract a nice well-rounded line to reach the comma.

The Mistakes not to Make

To succeed in your eyeliner stroke, do not pull on the eyelid during makeup. Indeed, you will get an unharmonious result with burrs.

Your eyes should be completely relaxed while you apply them. Another common mistake is burning the steps starting directly with liquid or cream eyeliner, which are more challenging to handle than a pen, felt eyeliner, pencil or kohl. It is better to perfect your plot before using pro tools!

The line requires practice, but it’s not that difficult. Practice with scotch and spoon techniques, and you’ll see that you’ll quickly get a helping hand!

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