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Top Tips for Hair Colouring

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The hair is a fragile part: by offering nourishing care upstream of the colouring, consistently a little aggressive, we protect the fibre and ensure a more intense result and hair in great shape. A week before, strengthen the hair with a bath of vegetable oil to apply at bedtime from the half lengths to the tips. When she wakes up, she will be deeply hydrated.

Afraid of greasing your fine hair? Opt for a repairing mask to knead on the lengths and cover with a warm towel. Wait half an hour to let the active ingredients enter and make your usual shampoo.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Colouring: Choosing the Right Formula

Even before choosing a shade, a question arises: do you have a lot of white hair? Because to cover them well, it is healthier to opt for a lasting colouring, whose new formulations contain little ammonia and care. Test the product on a small area earlier, applying it to the whole scalp to avoid crossness.

If you have little white hair, bet on a tone on your “semi-permanent” that will awaken your natural colour. It is placed on the superficial without weakening the hair fibre and the shine sheath. It fades in 4 weeks

Find the Shade that Best Suits its Original Colour

Side type, be careful. The strands of the colour charts are misleading! Worked on a white basis, they are always more precise than the result obtained.

We make a terrible estimate of his colour of departure. We always think we are darker (from one to two tones). In case of hesitation, prefer the clearest, assuming it will always be easier to go for it than clarify!

In addition, if your hair is long or very thick, and you also want to colour the extent, it is better to buy two boxes, one with a light tone. On the other hand, do not mix the shades because the pigments are not always compatible!

The Trick to Find the Right Shade

Beware of terminology: the mention “ashy” brings cold reflections, and the “golden” warm reflections.
If anyone has a lot of white hair, it is suitable for an ashy or cold tone that requires less maintenance, ages better over time and is not likely to turn red with oxidation, unlike golden reflections.

Repeat the instructions and the contact time for a successful colouring. Does your colourist usually place a plastic veil on your hair during the pose? At home, there is no question of imitating it because not only does oxygen help the colour “to take”, but if we enclose the hair, we risk overheating and burning the scalp.

No initiative either concerning the installation time, which is counted from the end of the application: it is indicated on the instructions.

Have you surpassed it? With a limited time of action, you risk nothing except weakening yourself a little in your hair. In addition, avoid applying the product each time on the entire hair: by dint of colourations, the extents accumulate an excess of pigments, and the result becomes less natural.

In the case of first colouring or if you change the entire shade, it is necessary to proceed to a complete application to ensure a homogeneous result.

Should I Take Vitamins for Colouring Hair?

After colouring, take care of the rinse and place your hair under supervision. It is time to proceed with the last rinse: gradually emulsify what remains of colour, add a little water. Mildly rub the hair and start again.

When the rinse water becomes more apparent, you can increase the volume, but always keep a high temperature to open the scales and allow the pigments to be diffused in depth

For this reason, do not make shampoo immediately. Its washing agents may prevent a perfect seal of the scales.

Is the result not up to your expectations? No question of traumatizing the fiber. Respect the right rhythm of the colouring, namely, no more than one application every four weeks.

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