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Reception Makeup. Hmm, Very important. All eyes are on you. At your wedding reception or wedding night, you can afford more intense makeup, use darker tones, and mask blemishes. It is essential to know several tips to get optimal evening makeup and highlight the assets of your face.

Your goal: is to obtain natural and intense makeup while using bright and varied colors. Your wedding night offers you a wide range of possibilities in terms of makeup!

Prepare your skin before the wedding to get the most out of your makeup. Carrying out treatments before applying makeup will help you get the best possible result and shine on the wedding day.

Evening Reception Makeup Tips for Brides

Highlight the part of your face you’re most proud of. Reception makeup is all about highlighting the bride at her best.

When choosing and applying your makeup. Remember that artificial light and sunlight will not reveal your makeup similarly. You can take the opportunity to highlight the part of your face you are most proud of: your eyes. Thanks to long curved eyelashes. Your lips with a tanned color, etc.

You can opt for dark and intense color’s if they match your eyes’ color. And also. You can also choose the color’s according to your skin or hair. If you are brown, opt for dark shades, dark shades or strawberry color for the lips. If you are blonde, I recommend brown and pink tones. Finally, peach or neutral tones, copper and brown are ideal for redheads.

It will now be necessary to match your wedding dress with a new accessory: the protective mask.

Fortunately, many variations of single-use surgical masks and fabric models can be adapted to the colors and style of your wedding theme. You will not have to consider the cover when composing your set. You will also have to think about it when choosing your wedding makeup.

On the wedding makeup side, wearing a mask does not make things easier. However, it is possible to highlight your face by adapting to this unique accessory. Below are some tips.

Work on Eye Makeup

Of course, with a mask covering your face from nose to chin, it is better to take the time to make beautiful bridal makeup for brown, green or blue eyes.

Do not skip the concealer step to display a fresh look that will illuminate your face despite the mask. Wearing this accessory leads to a greater moisture concentration; do not hesitate to apply a fixed base to the eyelids before placing shadows.

Unlike dark eyelid powders. We favor light colors because they will not obscure your eyes if the material comes off during the day.

Sublimate the Appearance of Eyebrows

With or without a mask. Eyebrows are of paramount importance in the impact of your gaze. It is recommended to redefine them as the rest of your face; therefore, your expressions will be hidden.

Before D-day, go to a beautician who can wax your eyebrows to give them a beautiful shape in perfect harmony with the features of your face.

On the day of the wedding, you can also use a pencil to fill in any bald spaces and work on the shape and visibility of your eyebrows. Tame your hair with an eyebrow brush and, once combed upwards, apply a translucent fixing gel for natural bridal makeup, tinted for more pronounced eyebrows.

Apply your Tanning Powder to the Top of the Face

Applying dark cosmetics on the skin under the mask is not recommended. In that case, it is possible to profiter powders good look, tanners and other sculpting powders to beautify the upper face.

Using a brush, take a little material and apply your powder to the temples and forehead for an effect that is both structuring and good looks.

Favour Waterproof Products Specially for Reception Makeup

When we wear a mask, all the air we expel is concentrated in the face, increasing the humidity level of this part of the body. Makeup being the enemy of moisture, will have a much easier tendency to flow.

The foundation is for this purpose very little recommended because it may quickly lose effectiveness in contact with the mask and your breathing.

If you still want to apply it, prefer fluid and light formulas, and work in a double layer by covering everything with a mattifying powder or transparent fixing powder to help the makeup hold.

In general, turn to waterproof or non-transfer products, whether it is makeup for your skin such as mascara, shadows and other shadows, or lipstick if you want to apply it under your mask, for the times when you can remove it.

The beauty stage also involves the reception hairstyle. In this area, you will encounter fewer constraints than for makeup and will be able to consider all kinds of hairstyle ideas, with hair tied and loose.

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